It's not just common cold

I had to stop in the middle of week 4. At that time, I thought it was common cold. Unfortunately it is some sort of infection going on.

After trying day nurse/night nurse for about a week with no effect, I went to the GP today. Got antibiotics prescribed.

I will have a recovery of between 3 to 5 days. I plan to restart with week 3 once I feel 100%.

The main issue I have is I have signed up for Great Scottish Run this Sunday.

Looks like I will be walking most of it and simply aim to finish it in one piece.

I will just be glad to get back on track after being derailed.


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14 Replies

  • Feel the same, got myself Man Flu after a immune system wrecking session round the Bars of London at the weekend. I'm doing the Peterborough Half on 11th Oct. My training has been halted at the moment but hope to pick it on Thursday with a long run Saturday.

    Dont worry about walking some of it, you are still lapping those sat on the couch :)

    Good luck.

  • I came here feeling disheartened...not knowing what to expect.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement and all the best to you on your run too!

  • What a nuisance. Remember to take it easy and try not to overstress your system, or this could set you back further. Wrap up warm, and good luck.

  • Thanks

  • Don't worry, these things happen. Your run might actually make you feel better as it encourages a runny nose (take some big hankies!) I went running once (hills) when I felt like sh*te but once out there I felt a lot better.

    You have to play it by ear though. If you feel like death you won't feel like running.

    It will be a nice run if you're not persuing times, and you will really enjoy it, if you feel up to it that is. I do hope so as it would be a shame to miss it

    Take care!!!! A good hot curry might be on the cards!

  • I am definitely not pursuing any times this time. Just want to finish the distance :-)

  • Exactly, no pressure, just have a lovely run

    I hope you'll be up to it. Fingers crossed!

  • Definitely up for it!

  • That's too bad, Ash, but it's temporary, so don't let it get you down. I think the time lost will have little or no effect on your fitness. Part of it is just the gain of more time for tissue repair. You might find the illness itself knocks you back a bit, but having looked after yourself well for quite some time now, you'll at least be less worse off for it than you would have been, just leaving everything as is. Probably with your restart, you'd want to treat that as experimental. So if this thing hits you harder than you'd expected, be ready to go further back in time, but if your resilience is already good enough to bounce you straight back on your feet (week 3 turns out easier than you'd like), you could even go back to week 4 after all. You'll have to see when you get there.

  • Thanks Gary.

    After just one dose of the antibiotics, I am feeling better than I did for the entire week. So I am very hopeful of getting back to either Week 3 or 4.

    It is funny how such a tiny organism can knock you back so badly!

  • It's the little organisms that are the most troublesome. I suppose it's because they can hide so well, and because they're "single-minded". I get nature clips from a cousin of mine who's nuts about ecology and so on, and one of those was a TED talk about how simple organisms can take control of complex ones, and almost make zombies of them. (So at least your infection hasn't gone that far). The creepy example the guy gave was of a worm that takes over crickets, and turns them into zombies. It makes the cricket want to jump into water, which is the habitat of the worm. First it takes over the cricket's "brain", and then it turns the cricket into a suicide machine for delivering worms to streams. Trout get a meal out of this. I must see if I can find it, actually.

    Edit: OK that was easy. Here. Fascinating stuff.

  • On a lighter note, did you know that there is a new movie called "The Walking Diseased"? It is a parody of "The Walking Dead" :-)

    Yup, the tiny guys made a mince meat of my plans :-(

  • How about booking another run for a few month's time, so you have something in the bank to look forward to? Good luck with your recovery, and with bravely still attempting the Great Scottish Run, and with getting back on track with c25k :)

  • Thanks Ruth.

    Yes, I think I will book something for Feb/March time :-)

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