W2 R1 less MPH than in week 1, less distance and less calories burnt, shouldn't it be more?

Hi, me again :) I stuck to it and I'm started to enjoy it.

Started w2 today and I done less MPH, cals, speed and distance. Is this to be expected?

Also what is the best surface to run on? Grass of pavement?

I learnt one thing, go running in a park on refuse collection days yuk yuk yuk stinky streets poooooeyyyyyyy I'm not good with bad smells like bins and my toddlers' nappies.



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  • Ha, ha - well done you - I'm sure there'll be lots of opinions re the running surface. I just go with whats available. Pavements are bad on iffy knees - but then so is uneven ground. When I started running I thought this is great and each run I can enjoy the buzz of getting to the next lampost each time - imagine my horror, shame, disappointment, disbelief, upset, etc etc, you name it, when each next run I clocked up a shorter and shorter distance. I just could not believe it. But you have to go with the programme - trust Laura and just do the time she says - don't worry about the distance. This programme is more about building us up slowly and the TIME we are running, not the distance. So, YES, it is normal. Just keep on going and doing what you can. x

  • Ok brilliant as long as it's not just me :) I was so confused lol you've been there and done that so I'll take your word as final.

    I've not managed to find any flat surfaces and have been a few places now. I struggle with uneven ground so I'll be looking for flat grounds when I'm out adventuring on runs.

    I'm starting to love it more and more :) once I complete I'll get some new Asics :)

  • You do that - and you'll obviously have to post a photo - that's a must. (I bought new shoes for wk5 but that was a bit naughty). I may be 7 weeks ahead of you but everything I say and have learned has come from people on this forum. We were all beginners once. You'll be advising people soon - you're already an expert at week 1!

  • Nothing to worry about Lou, Week 2 is approximately the same duration as Week 1, but with fewer runs - 6 instead of 8. At this stage in the programme, with gentle runs it'll not really affect the distance or calories.

    I prefer to run on pavements - it is harder on the knees but easier on the ankles. Grass is more forgiving (softer) but you cannot really see what you are landing on so your foot placement is more difficult. I cannot run so fast on grass, either - too slippery.

  • I think I'll stick to pavement.

    I done my w2 r2 today and noticed my MPH, cals and distance was less again I didn't let it bother me but I did end up doing a cheeky extra 15 minutes at the end which I feel fantastic for doing.

  • Well done lou. Don't worry abou stats like distance, speed etc . Just go at your own pace, listen to Laura and you'll be fine. Regarding different surfaces I'd say run where you can. A variety of surfaces is good as that race you'll be doing in the future could be on any!

  • I've found a place near where I drop one of my children to nursery so will use that and it's a mixture of ground (grass, stones, bricks and cemented path). The days I don't take him nursery I'll stick to the streets. I've now found a great few roads I can run up and down comfortably and feel safe too. I've gone at lots of different times of day and I'm soooo into it now :)

  • Hello Lou! Ditch the calorie-burning-watching-thing for now. Just do the podcasts and enjoy the sense of freedom and keep to eating your good food. I feel sure that it will all work out as you (gradually) pick up some distance. Hope new routes are working out well. Enjoy!!!

  • Thank you :) The routes were great but then I was hit with flu and a chest infection :( not been out for over a week. Will try to pick up where I left off, tomorrow I'll be attempting week 2 run 3 I've even bought some new running leggings (hopefully they will stay up). Still feeling quite poorly though so will see but I'm definatly going to see this through.

  • Oh no, poor you! Just when you must have felt that you were storming along. :( Are you sure you're well enough to run? Go carefully when you're out again, won't you, and don't overdo it. You might need to take a piece of string in case you feel the new leggings descending!!

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