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W2 R1 done - off and running again after a week off :-)


Feeling so chuffed - after a frustrating week off I started on Week 2 today - managed all the runs, went really slow and apart from my calves aching which I think is normal at my level of fitness and weight (?), felt no pain. Gave my support team and running companions (husband and border collie) a high five at the end and remembered my stretches.

Wow! I did six 90 second runs today and I feel over the moon - I can and will do this - bring on Wednesday.

Small steps (haha literally) but so happy :-)

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Well done lady :) I'm just back from w2 r3. Feeling very proud of myself but a bit daunted about stepping it up again for w3.... Haven't found many people at the same place as me, (lots of 5k graduates!) so I will look forward to hearing how you get on!

lightweightkateGraduate in reply to Hidden

Well done you. That week 3 does look daunting but hey we can do this. Good luck and keep posting :-)

b275Graduate in reply to lightweightkate

Positivity that's what I needed!!

HiddenGraduate in reply to Hidden

Hi- I'm also on week 2 (run 3 tomorrow) so about the same. I got to week 5 a few months ago before injuring my calf and needing nine weeks off and then returning to the start. I know I found the jumps hard each week but doable so have confidence I'll get there if my leg holds up. Good luck for week three!!


Brilliant - sounds like it's going well!


Well done you can do it xx

Well done 👍


Well done!! I'm on W3R1 and done 2 mins running at a time was hard but such a buzz! That was Saturday was going out today but the weather was terrible so won't go till Wednesday now (little ones bday tomorrow so going to enjoy cake and pizza all day!) so pleased to find others at the same stage 😊


Small steps are the way, and keep it slow and steady too. Well done you, you are on the way and looking good! :)

Good on you Kate, keep going your posts are very motivational to me :-)


Well Done!!

I've struggled a bit too - I've been leaving 2 rest days between runs and it seems to be working finished W2 R3 last night- feeling fantastic!!

I'm not sure whether to repeat week 2 just to be sure, week 3 look tough!


Oh cool, I have just completed Week 2 Run 3 for the second time. After completing Weeks 1 & 2, I had a week with lots of activity - I do agility with my dogs and had a four day competition plus two big training sessions and knew I would be too tired if I ran as well. So I took a week off and decided to re-do Week 2 this week, which I have just completed. Raring to go onto Week 3 and starting to enjoy it. Have an annoying cough (which I think is very mild asthma related). More worryingly I think I turned my ankle slightly earlier this week on my second day of Week 3 and it is now sore. It doesn't stop me running, but I can feel it all the time even when I am resting... so what is the advice? Rest and don't run for a bit, or continue provided it doesn't get any worse? Should I elevate it/use a heat and/or ice pack? I don't want to repeat Week 2 for a third time, but can't afford to get injured or I also put my dog agility in jeopardy. (I started Couch to 5k to get fitter for agility, I don't have any running goals per se, though I could see myself entering a 5 or 10k with my hubby down the line at some point).

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