Week 7 Run 2 - Shouldn't it be getting easier?

Well after my last blog I was really looking forward to todays run. I felt like me and body were beginning to talk the same language. Huh!!

The warm up went well and both body and I were eager to be off. The temperature for a change appeared to be just right, and my running style is definitely improving. At the 12.5min stage I was still feeling pretty good. My legs were tired, but no more than on previous runs. Then the 20min stage, oh boy what the heck happened?

Body decided that it had had enough. It claimed exhaustion, and the gremlin on my back insisted that there was no way we could do this run. It's only 5mins I groaned. We've done this run twice before. No claimed body we can't go on. The argument in my head ping ponged between I can do this, I can't do this for an eternity. Finally I said we are finishing this run whatever. I'm not failing. Laura's 1min to go warning was never so welcome. By then my stomach was cramping, and my breath sounded like I was going to pass out. When she said slow down I pretty much passed out. It took all my strength to keep walking. I felt so sick. That is one run I never want to repeat.

I think I'll be taking an extra days rest this week.


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7 Replies

  • Sorry to hear you had a bad run AnnaDJ, I think it happens to us all sometimes but it can be demoralising. Focus on the positive, you ploughed on and did it, that's something to be very proud of.

  • Your right of course and I do feel proud just a little surprised that it was so hard. How daft is that?

  • Well done for keeping going and finishing the run. I found week 7 to be a complete nightmare and had to abandon run 1 after 20 minutes but I took 3 days rest before starting week 8 and it was so much easier (relatively speaking!). I think the transition from running intervals to continous runs is really hard and your body needs time to recover and adjust. Good luck for the next run.

  • Thanks RunnerBean. I'm glad it's not just me. I felt like such a failure after all I've run for 25mins twice. I think your right my body needs to adjust to these long runs.

  • Not daft at all, I think after having a few longer runs it's all too easy to think we should be able to do it all the time but like RunnerBean says your body needs time to adjust. I felt the same way in Week 7 (check my blogs it's entitled 'What went wrong?' :-) ).

    (Sorry for replying out of tandem but when I try to reply to your reply above I get an error message for some reason)

  • No problem I'm just glad to hear I'm not alone ;-)

  • Oh nooooooo chin up AnnaDJ it was only a blip - I know what you mean 25 minutes seems an age i'm just about to attempt the same run - mondays W7R1 was ok but not looking for to the next one - i've just down loaded different music...Queen to get me pumped up and will just time 25 minutes. Keeep your chin up we all have bad runs but at least we're not sitting we are still running - don't give up you're doing so well - good luck - come on your my inspiration xxx

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