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Post Graduation Blues

Having proudly finished C2 5K three weeks ago, with a 4.8K run. I was so looking forward to more running this summer and certainly nailing 5K in 30 mins. Sadly the very first post grad run and my first real injury struck. Pain in left heel, up to the ankle especially on the inside. Maybe Achilles problem? Seems to be a pattern: Walk/Running is OK at gentle speed for 20 or 30mins, then pain starts after I run and by next day I am limping, hurts walking when I extend right leg beyond left, and when I go downstairs. After 4 days it is completely gone, but the minute I walk/run the cycle starts again. How can I get rid of it long term? Do I need to do stretches for weeks or months before I run again? Heard heel pads can help. So annoyed. Losing all that good I put in to the program. Help!

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Commiserations secretjogger Achilles pain is horrible. Have you tried the stair stretch? (I don't know it's proper name but it involves standing on a step, hence my name for it) I used it when I had some Achilles niggles early in the programme and found it really useful. I just googled Achilles stretches and up it popped. Good luck with whatever treatment to decide to follow.


I know it's obvious but I would recommend going to see a physio. It would probably be the quickest and most direct route to recovery, and although it may cost a bit, it would be worth it to know you're looking after yourself properly and to get up and running again ASAP :-)

Good luck

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Aw, bad luck. I second the advice to go to a physio...Good luck.


I think many of us have had or are going through Achilles and foot problems. Rest seems to be the best way forward. Rest Ice Elevation, and get your gait checked so you have the right running shoes.

Also if you try and advance too quickly you can start to get problems. I moved on too quick than my body was ready for and got hit by injuries so have had to scale things back.

Take care, rest up and hopefully you will soon be back out there. Let us know how you get on as we don't want you to lose your mojo


Followed advice and went to Dr today. Result: Achilles tendonitis. Treatment: no running at all or other leg/foot exercise for 2-3 weeks minimum, anti-inflammatory medication and no flat shoes...after that very gentle, and maybe also physio if it still doesn't clear up. Annoyed! Just when I had graduated C25K and the summer sun is now here.


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