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W2 R1, First post here


Can't believe how quickly week 1 flew by! Can't believe I've voluntarily been on four runs since last Monday. I have always hated running, probably like a lot of people here. I feel like I have a long way to go but I'm super proud that I'm at least on the way, after over a year of complete inactivity. If anyone is interested, I'm keeping a blog diary of my experiences with Couch to 5K: lifebeyondthesofa.blogspot....

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Hello there

Quite a few folks here are running round various bits of london so you might bump into them if you keep running

Go slowly would be my only tip. Most aches and pains could be avoided if only folks would slow down. If you've been on the couch for ages take heed.

Keep going! Don't quit! The rewards are obvious. Or they soon will be

Have fun!

misswobbleGraduate in reply to misswobble

Oh i meant to say, have a read of Running like a girl by some lass called Hemmo. Great read and

it's not just about running marathons

poppypugGraduate in reply to misswobble

Oh Ive read that , yep very good book , Highly recommended :-) xxx


I am re-reading it and i find i must have only read part of it. I found a whole new load of chapters last night about san fran and the first lady marathon runners. Really inspirational, and I googled the stories about the women involved


Thanks so much! I'm naturally a snail but that's sound advice and it's definitely easy to get carried away. And thanks too for the words of encouragement - I'm loving reading everyone's posts, tips and stories on here, it's great to follow everyone on their own journeys, this really helps me to believe I might be able to do this. 5K feels a long way off at the moment.

And thank you for the book tip!!! I will check it out, it sounds like this could really be something to keep me going :-)


A big well done. Im a day or so behind you. Got my W2R1 tomorrow! Have to say I'm a little nervous about it, yet excited at the same time. I will be having a read of your blog. Keep up the good work 👍


Hi Grubby , you can do it girl, just trust in Laura and the programme.

This is a brilliant place, the support and encouragement is second to none, its truly fantastic. Remember we all started off feeling the same and from the same place , so you are not alone. Don't be scared of asking about anything that's worrying you or that youre not sure of. Someone will always be along to help.

Good idea about the blog , too.

Good Luck , I wish you all the very best :-) xxx


I have the same nervous excitement about the runs, I always feel curious to see if I'll manage it! Let me know how you get on with W2R1 tomorrow :-) And a huge well done to you for completing the first week as well!!!


Well done. You've made C25K easy by committing publicly via your blog. There's no getting out of it now ;)

Just take things easy and don't try and push too far ahead too fast. Don't think about skipping a week if it's too easy. Just listen to Laura and keep your pace down. There's plenty of time later to try and speed things up a little or go for the extra distance. The risk of moving too fast, too soon, is of of ending on the injury couch.

If you are anything like me, you'll find this running thing addictive. I started 4 months ago hating running, but realising that I had to take some exercise over the winter. I'm now heading down for parkrun every available Saturday, have signed up for a half marathon and am looking round for other events to do.

Grubby1985Graduate in reply to AdamB

Haha, I know - I thought if I go public with this I'm more likely to stick to it :-) Thanks so much for all the brilliant advice! Hearing from others who have graduated from the programme and gone on to love running is so inspiring and encourages me greatly!


Well done on the progress and on the blog. You have an engaging writing style.

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