I've finally graduated after 9Wks :)

Hi all, woke this morning, had breakfast. The sun came out and cast shadows over the running area. I new it was time......... Put on my running gear, attached my electronic tomtom and engaged the GPS.

Set strava on my iPhone as back up just incase. No way was I going to miss this run for no man nor beast.

Engaged the lovely Laura for Wk 9 run 3 and off I went.

The first five minutes drifted away into the sounds of Julie on the C25k app.

The usual breathing aching leg muscles and snot started...... Would I ever manage the last 30 mins to graduation.!

Then the run started. Again the muscles, snot aching legs and now sweat intensified.

At the 10 minute point I was set to give up hold my head in shame but no I soldiered on.

After 15 minutes I had settled into the bad taste in music and all I could think was half way there.........

Now with the sun in my eyes I turned and started the return via another route. Suddenly I was a runner passing walkers babies in prams and the lovely views I just kept going. I finished the app and decided Forest Gump the gladiator was well and truly in the zone :)

Finally I got back after much sweat snot and euphoria. I checked my strava and Tom Tom I had been running for 1:02:38 and covered 5 miles. To say I was pleased was an under statement.

So at week 9 with 82 miles covered in 17h 59 mins I can finally say I've SMASHED IT ........... The forest gump tiger acting as a gladiator prime minister has graduated with honours ......

And especially for you JJ here is the video link to the smashed 5K.....

Thank you all for your continued support, I do hope I get to meet you at some point....

And for you Aliboo 7th March 2015 graduation is here :)


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89 Replies

  • What a great video ! Well done on your graduation, I was just wondering what had happened to you after that great build up earlier. I can tell you're going to go further and faster now...have you made up any speed/distance/stamina on your sons yet ? Happy running !!

  • My sons have declined the challenge of their old dad. They say they're not sure how old I am now but I must be getting "younger". Bless them they will be to bed early tonight whilst I party on :)

  • Love it!!! Well done!!!

  • Thank you very much I loved it, but more to the point I hope this will help other people to pass and graduate. Anything is possible and this forum gives motivation to help Everyone as it has me :) J

  • Brilliant video - well done! Now's the time to set yourself your next challenge.

    10k would clearly be too easy - so autumn half marathon...

  • 10k is the next step and 5k under 30minutes I don't want to burst these lungs as I've only just got them back :)

  • Well done matey! Love the vid. Slightly concerned about your overrun - I don't want to see you sidling up next to the other incumbents on the injury couch! ! Anyway, a particularly nice rose wine has just been uncorked (well unscrewed actually) in your honour and we are toasting your success in our house tonight. I can't get my husband or son to join me running either, but that's probably not a bad thing as they'd only make me embarrassed about how slow I run!

  • The over run was fine as I was unaware of any pain. Might have been the gallons of snot I seemed to be producing thou lol.

    I have been adding 10% to each run over the past couple of weeks so I'm still good. Anyway I'm finally there this man who 9 wks ago didn't think I could do it totally smashed it. All because of you and the others on the forum giving me the inspiration to carry on. *** I bow to you all ***

  • Yay , You Did It !!!!

    Brilliant stuff Jase ,

    Many , many Congratulations to you, youre a Star ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you poppypug I have all you wonderful lot to thank. So I didn't just do it WE did it...... x

  • Yay ! :-) xxx

  • That's a brilliant post-Well Done You!! My own progress has slowed a bit in recent weeks but you have given me a boost to carry on.

  • Butlikemycouch I'm so pleased about that. I had that feeling so often but everyone on here kept me going. It's like a little family and everyone is so fantastic. Keep it up and you will succeed. I've had a massive health issue which nearly did me in so keep it up. And turn to this forum for inspiration it works J :)

  • YAY jase44, what a great post! :)

    we are now pretty much official graduate twins of 44yrs old, ( C25K 1yr & 1 day apart start to finish :) ) Loved the video, and the fact that you kept running for OVER AN HOUR!!! :) thats brilliant! hope you have a great evening and heres to loads of running adventures all year long!

    here, have a graduate balloon! :)


  • Aliboo we may never have met but your the best you can be my twin anyday (younger twin :)) as for the balloon that's wicked love it.


  • Ahh thanks Jase! Was trying to find a "graduate running medal" but all they had was ones with graduate hats and scrolls! remind me of your birthday nearer the time and i can do you a happy birthday medal- did one for Miles_Yonder! :) be very proud of yourself today :)

  • Thanks Ali I will and yes it's a fantastic feeling to have come all this way. 5K + app next whoop whoop

  • Woohoo Jase -absolutely smashed it! Congratulations!

  • All because of you lot helping me on Ullyrunner so thank you too

  • Oh wow what a fantastic video, I just love the shouting at the end!!! Well done you, 5 miles too, that's incredible..... You rock!!!

  • Thanks JJ nearly forgot the video but remembered it just in time. I had to shout for the people in Cumbria as I'm a bit further away today lol. Thanks for the inspiration to carry on with the running. I've lost 2.5kgs since I started this programme. Still wouldn't fit in your slinky black skirt in the works toilet thou lol.

    Once again thanks, the tiger is well and truly unleashed J

  • I'm sure you could try, it's very stretchy :) we would all love to see that selfie!!!!!! Fantastic, you go get em tiger .... I think panthers eat tigers?

  • Now that does sound like a challenge, I wonder if their is a podcast to help me do that in 9 weeks lol. And as a panther you may run faster and further but I can climb trees !

  • And those are some of the finest tags I have ever seen!!

  • Just looked at them they are funny especially the baby lol

  • well done Jase, superb achievement a great way to celebrate graduation :D

  • Thanks Rob it was a beautiful day for it too if not a little to warm if I may say so. I'm used to running at night in the cold not the glorious sunshine we have had in the midlands today. I bet it was rubbish weather back at home thou lol

  • It was a glorious day for running Jase :D even had me legs out for 1st time this year lol

  • That's where I was stupid and still wrapped in compression and berghaus fleece doh. Plenty of sweat and snot but did the 5 miles which I was totally over the moon about

  • Congratulations Jase. Well done !

  • Thanks getting fitter I feel fantastic today

  • so you should 10k is calling ;-). Superb graduation run

  • Brilliant mate, well done, great video too... :)

  • Cheers MW it was just one of those runs that all came together in the end. Loved it

  • Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!! Well done Jase, you've been one of the most inspiring people on here, fantastic! Wow! Fab! And a whole hour, that's unbelievable :) so pleased for you. You smashed it :)

  • Northern spirit I sure did everything just came together in a oner. I'm glad I can help inspire as I have been inspired by others on this forum it's fantastic and I always feel great reading about everyone achievements. Back to North Yorkshire running next week whoop whoop

  • Can't wait til I get to post graduation...we must've started the same week I'm a bit behind with a pesky ankle which is now all good which is a relief :) back to week 7 and keeping on enjoying it all :)

  • That's good NS I started the 5th Jan and touch wood no ankle problems yet. Looking fwd to your grad too it's a fabulous feeling of achievement

  • Run Forest run.......what a great run you must be over the moon!!!!Like the vid...look forward to reading about your next challenge😊😊😊

  • Cheers pot 58 my adventures have just begun who knows forest gump and gladiators today. Pirate and ironman next lol

  • Hi Jase! You did it! You did it! Well done, what a fantastic graduation run. I love the video. It says it all. Enjoy your running! X :-)

  • Cheers no excuse. But if I was honest I wouldn't have done it with out all you lot. You spurred me on and kept my legs and lungs tripping me along , so give yourself a good pat on the back from me and thank you for all you've done for me too your all winning runners in my eyes J

  • Very very well done Jase. Congratulations :)

  • Thanks ancient mum it is such a lovely feeling to be nearly 45 and still achieve new things. I definitely think my years are digressing as I never liked sport as a younger person but now I love it. Funny what life throws at you J

  • Brilliant post - super video - well done you. Reiterate the importance of a running twin and this forum. Congrats.

  • Cheers Buffy. I must admit it's this forum that got me the achievement along with the initial blog on the nhs website by JJ. Everyone is fantastic and I love coming on the forum to see how people are. Once again thanks Buffy J

  • Well done, Jase, fantastic post! You'll smash 10k in no time and then the world's your oyster, as they say (don't know why though - off to Google that now!). Enjoy the rest of your weekend and let us know how things go

  • What I love about this forum as PP often says - is the random things that you learn along the way too - from recipes to Scottish customs and now to oysters - I'm going to look that up aswell!

  • Cheers PP THE WORLD IS AN (ONE'S) OYSTER - "If you have a lot of money, you can have anything you want. The proverb first appears in Shakespeare's play 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' (1600).'Falstaff: I will not lend thee a penny. Pistol: Why, then, the world's mine oyster, Which I with sword will open.' Act II, Scene II, basically it means in lay mans terms you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it J

  • Brilliant! Not only running inspiration but literary knowledge too! Wuthering Heights last night, The Merry Wives of Windsor today. This forum is priceless! Love it!

  • We aim to inspire, please and educate if possible lol love it to.

  • Smashed it out of the park.


  • Thanks dunder2004 it's such a feeling I'm still revelling in it now good luck in your quest and keep us posted J

  • Will do.

  • Hey, that was BRILLIANT! Love the video, you're a star!

  • Cheers curlygurly2 I think we are all stars, newbies as well for starting this program. love your avatar pic as well J

  • Thanks for the compliment xx

    We are all stars, you're right, and the programme.. you know I still can't believe I can run!

  • Its so simple yet so complex to i still can't believe my achievement today after what my illness did to me it's great and your welcome it is a lovely pic J

  • That's a lovely place in Spain called Zarautz, I pass there on my way to and from France. I did some early weeks of C25K there, and ran one way up the coastal road last year, about 4K just after I graduated. I'm back there again in a few weeks, I hope to run both ways this time..

  • You go do it and shoot us some video for the forum it looks absolutely beautiful and that's just that small pic

  • Well done Jase! Your posts are always a good read too. Looking forward to hearing more about your running adventures post graduation.

  • Thank you Atalaya I'm thinking forest gump may turn into Peter Pan the boy that never grew up lol. I'm well and truly hooked now. J

  • Well done. Our new motto C25k, that's the way!

    Enjoy your next running adventures.

  • Goodness I'm now a poet and didn't know it lol. Must admit thou I'm liking the motto already :) thanks for the well done J

  • Thanks kittykat now my son has shown me how to upload video footage I think we can manage the odd running video. Thank you for all your support too. It's been a journey but it's been a good one J x

  • Congratulations. Gosh, what along run, I wouldn't want to be wearing your aching legs tomorrow!

  • That's ok I've put them in the fridge to cool off over night lol

    Thanks coddfish I feel epic tonight and I don't mean because I have a good insurance deal either lol J

  • Jase that was worth every penny of that £4.50. Loved it all! Great video, great post and you're a graduate! The badge looks like it was made for you. Many congratulations.

  • Thanks IP I did better than I ever imagined. And with excellent weather and a great trail. Yes abit of trail running to I loved it hence over 1hr of running lol. Thank you for all your support to I couldn't have done it without you lot of lovely people. And now I've found how to YouTube too :) who knows what's next ;) J

  • Brilliant post Jase,

    Well done and congratulations on your graduation.

  • Thanks old git it's been a while but I finally got there 😊

  • Congratulations! :D

  • Thanks hilbean :)

  • Fab news Jase - congratulations!!! You definitely smashed it :)

  • Cheers Ali it's all down to the support of you lot so well done you to for the help

  • Aw massive congratulations Jase! You've done so well :-) Can't wait to echo those feelings on Thursday :D

  • Do a little vid if you can Katy it's a great feeling good luck for Thursday we will be waiting girl :)

  • Top result Jase, many congratulations.

  • Cheers 5korbust it's a fab feeling to finally finish and graduate. Just onwards and upwards now thanks to you all

  • Yaaaaay!!! Well done you!! Love your video! Should be used as an advert for c25k! It's great. Huge congrats graduate!!!! Now the fun really starts!!! :)

  • Cheers Lou but as for the vid wouldn't they see it more as a horror show lol

  • Noooo!!!! It's brill!!! :)

  • Well I recon we need more video diaries off people. Perhaps I've started something new........ Who knows :) J

  • It's a great idea! You never know!! Watch this space!

  • Bring it on video girl ;)

  • Congratulations on your graduation ! The shiny badge is looking good. Best of luck with your post grad running adventures - keep us posted ! Like the video x

  • Glad you liked the video now my son has shown me how to do it maybe I might go into video diaries every now and then :) must admit we need more videos on here

  • Whoop Whoop well done Jase44 loved your video what an inspiration to keep going I am not far behind you only 3 runs left I am even running while on holiday mental I know, so whats next ? look forward to reading your next post. :-)

  • Well done Clare believe me it's a fantastic feeling maybe you could do a video blog at the end of yours. As for what's next I think after that graduation and yours we could take over the world ! :) ;)

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