Smashed 10K :)

Smashed 10K :)

Well everyone. It started off as a very busy day. Auditors are in all week at work and to tell you truth tempers are running hi.

So after work I decided enough was enough and a fantastic de-stress would be to go for a nice gentle relaxing run.

The sun was shining so I dond my kit and out I went listening to Laura c25k+. Well after 30 minutes the tiger was released and good old forest took over. Although a slow time I smashed the 10K barrier and I feel fantastic. Only stopping as I new it was time to return home. God it feels good. Another achievement under my belt. This runner is tiger gump all the way. So as always come on you new runners if I can do it so can you :) J


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22 Replies

  • That's fab Jase, well done on your 10k. Hope the socks are still bearing up too! x :-)

  • They smell beautiful still lol

  • is that your new nickname now, tiger-gump??!! :) well done Jase twinny, what a fantastic achievement , and a great de stresser! :)

  • Cheers Ali I see you have been smashing the miles too girl. Well done J

  • That's brilliant Jase. Another milestone. Or six.....

  • Cheers IP I'm chuffed

  • Wow! Well done you! Great way to cheer yourself up after stress at work! Maybe I need to get more stressed!!!!

  • I get loads of stress Lou. But it comes with the job but I do love the de stress it's great

  • Wow that's awesome! Think how far you've come in such a short space of time, where might you be in another 3 months???

  • 18 wks I've been running and I've just done another 10k and smashed my 5k and 10k records well chuffed

  • Well done. A 10 k is a great thing isn't it. I love running them

    I ran one today, after a hard day painting my lounge. Boy it was good to escape. Running is an escape I think. Well it is for me. Sounds like it is for you too Jase

  • Miss wobble it is pure heaven running. All my cares and worries are lifted. I can't wait to retire at 55 then I'm gonna be running and biking all the time :)

  • Well done Jase and congratulations on the 10K!

  • Cheers old git

  • Brilliant! That first 10K is the best feeling, there's no stopping you now x

  • No Curly I'm on the up

  • Hmmm. Tiger-gump sounds like... well. we'll draw a discreet veil over what it sounds like. But that aside, well done on a great run. Every new distance achieved is always a great feeling but 10k is a particularly special one I think. Whether it is because of the nice round number or being a real significant distance I don't know. Pat yourself on the back. And try not to get any of that tiger gump on you.

  • It's great. And tiger gump heals all lol

  • well done Jase :) 10K big tick there :)

  • TICK :) cheers

  • Congrats. That's great. I'm aiming for a 10K later this year. :)

  • Jo if I can do it any one can its all in the mind. The more stressed I get the better my runs as well lol

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