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i've graduated !

sunday was graduation day..i still can't believe i've completed the 9 weeks. having never run before (always found an excuse ) i've discovered i can do it ! thanks to lots of encouragement from family & friends i rigidly followed every podcast & now i tell everyone about C25K. truly if i can do it anyone can. the first few weeks seemed so hard & i just couldn't imagine ever running for 30 mins..but i can & i do ! i still don't hit the 5K mark but i think that will come in time. i'm now looking for music to run to..any ideas?

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Well done.


Well done on Graduating! It's a great feeling isn't it?

As far as music goes, I did compile a few playlists of my own by filtering on 'Beats per Minute' with my music software. But I didn't really have much suitable music really.

I have just downloaded a few podcasts from listening to them now :)

The music all has a cracking beat to it and is free too, sounds great to run to and comes in various speeds (BPM's) so you can select your own pace.

I am going to give it a whirl tomorrow to see if helps any.

happy running!



Congratulations....isn't running addictive! I have just started week 7 and still can't believe I am managing 25 mins and actually still enjoying it.


it really is a massive achievement and such a good self satisfying feeling you get - I really do think we should all congratulate the NHS for putting this on and getting us all running - and all for free too.....

.... I know some people that I've told about doing the program and they're suggesting alsorts now - mainly gym work, but I kind of like the running outside, fresh air, nature and my own company.

.... I've got loads of music I need to sort and get into some sort of play list - but for now I've still stuck with Laura and the 5k+ stepping stones & W9 podcast.... but I will one day listen to my own tracks out there.

Happy running


I couldn't agree more with you Matthew . This NHS programme is brilliant and FREE! I also loath the idea of a treadmill and the gym. I much prefer being outside and enjoy the challenge of the uneven terrain....I run a lot on tracks and bridleways ,because I can bring my dog with me . I don't meet many people as I run mainly in the evening and I like it that way. I see barn owls, foxes and sometimes deer on my travels and enjoy beautiful sunsets. I feel happier and healthier in just 7 weeks ,and more importantly I am starting to feel happy in my own skin.


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