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Week 6 - 25 minute run done !

I still don't quite believe I did that!

For those of you still running in the gym, it's spring, and lots of things out there to admire, which will take your mind off your running / aching body / how many minutes of running still to go.

Good things: Spring bulbs in front gardens. My local road car free (CPZ restrictions being implemented this week). The off - road section between playing fields and allotments. Children in school playgrounds. Fresh air!

Bad things: Running along the main road - breathing in petrol fumes - YUK! Dodging nattering mummies pushing double buggies. The implications of the new CPZ - will I be able to park outside my own house next week?

Week 7: Off to Richmond Park!

Oh, and just in case there are any diabetics reading this - blood sugar before run 12.1 (for non diabetic readers, this is BAD and in my case, probably due to sitting in front of computer for an hour after breakfast); blood sugar twenty minutes after run 5.1. RESULT!

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I know - it's cool isn't it? When I was doing this course the phrase 'I can't believe I did that!' Kept coming up again and again. :)

What's really nice is that it continues.... The more your run, the more keep surprising yourself and the whole thing turns into a massive mental confidence booster! Well done! Keep going and enjoy it!

Best of luck - Mark


Thank you!


Well done, and yes, I am so enjoying running on these bright days too - so nice to get out there :)


Woo-hoo! Great feeling, isn't it? Did my W6R3 on Sat and have been amazed this week that I could do it again W7R1&2 so it wasn't just my imagination ;-) Enjoy wk 7 in the park :-)


Yay, Fab post JM !

Ah Spring, don't ya just love it ? All little green shoots appearing and the little lambs gambolling in the fields . Absolutely top notch !

Enjoy week 7, all straight runs now , Onwards to Graduation ! :-) xxx


Wow that's really interesting on the blood sugar count. I'm not diabetic but friends and family are, it's a compelling reason to exercise :)


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