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And week 6 is finished & I'm a runner!

Twenty five minutes continuous running done this morning.😀 Really hard but not as bad as run two, which was less running but more difficult. I don't understand that at all, but I don't care because Laura says I'm a runner! Yay ! Go me!

I am glad that next week is simply repeating what I did today, though - I really only just got to the end today. That last minute was done with teeth clenched and at a snails pace! I suspect the teeth clenching probably doesn't actually help much, but there were small children present in the park..and I didn't want to frighten them with my groans/screams! Bad enough the poor things have to see a gurning tomato running along the footpath!

So, good to have done it (25 minutes!) but definitely need to consolidate next week.

Good luck for your next runs, everyone!

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Excellent stuff Raven2016 (or should that be 'Gurning Tomato?') :D

Well done! :) You are also progressing nicely and catching me up slowly but surely.

Good luck on week 7! :)

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Well done! youre doing great!


Well done I was glad to put week 6 behind .... Doesn't that 25 mins feel good I've completed week 7 and it still feels good today 3rd run of week 7 was the easiest .... We can do this

Your a runner celebrate 🍀🍸


Well done and now you know you can do it! I love the image of a gurning tomato as that usually describes me too. I have to keep telling myself that speed does not matter and that, as is often said here, it is going out and running that matters and that we get stronger with every run.


Well done Raven2016! I'm hoping to catch you up on Tues when I do my Wk6R3 so relieved to hear that you found it better than R2. I think a lot of us probably look like Gurning Tomatoes - in my case with a tissue in hand as my nose keeps running when I run! A neighbour who saw me after one run said I looked 'reddish' - or did he mean 'a radish'?

Good luck with Wk7!

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Lol...if we keep going long enough we'll have a salad! Run three was better overall..there were a few moments when I wanted to stop, but nothing like run 2... I think knowing I've got a long run to do means I'm really going a bit slower from the start, so I don't burn out as fast...

Good luck with run 3'll sail through it. See you in wk 7!

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