W1r1 here I come again!

So tomorrow evening, after putting it off for far too long, I will be braving w1r1. I've twice previously attempted to follow the couch to 5k podcasts but have not had the will power to stick to it for longer a couple of weeks. This time I'm adamant that I'm not going to give in and thought that if I posted on here I'd be more likely to stick to it :).


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  • Do it, I really wish I could connect with runners close to me

  • Hi Like you I've just started again .Had various aches and pains last time and was nervous about trying again .Just got back from W1R1 .Feeling quite proud of myself .So good luck .

  • Congratulations! Thanks, I did that run tonight and am so pleased I've restarted!

  • 3rd time lucky! You can do it.

  • Thanks!

  • you've posted here now, so you have to follow through :)

    w1r1 won't be easy, but finishing it will feel fantastic, and IMO it's the hardest run of the whole series. Trust Laura and in 9 weeks or so you be running 5K.

  • I did it :). I just put my workout clothes on as soon as I got home from work so I wouldnt have the time to chicken out!

  • Awesome! So now you have started the journey. It gets better and in my case easier. And the feeling when you have finished a run is so good, if you could bottle it people would pay good money for it.

  • Don't be a quitter!!!!

    Quitting is rubbish. Stick with it and you'll be a WINNER. Your health will improve, your mood, your outlook on life, your weight!

    It's all good. Make a start and see it to the end. Week 9, run 3

  • I'll try my very best not to quit this time :).

  • This is the first day of spring so it's a gorgeous time of year to start. You've told us so you have to do it and you will. And that willpower thing? Only you can gift it to yourself.

  • I wish had been a bit of spring weather for my run haha. It was windy, cold and raining but I forced myself to go out it. So glad I did :).

  • Hello, I think it is important to tell people what you are doing so they can support you. Also to try to build the runs into a regular schedule so they become part of your routine rather than something you have to make a special effort to do. I found investing in some running kit also helped give me motivation. Finally, there's nothing quite like achieving success to keep you going.

    I started C25K on 2nd January and I shoukd 'graduate' on Wednesday. Taking to my husband last night, he admitted he didn't think I would stick it out. I am so glad I have.

  • I'm going to try and run straight away when I come in from work three times a week. I think that if I put my workout clothes on straight away when I get in I'll be forced to go out and jog :). I think I'll invest in some running kit in a few weeks as a reward. Ooh congratulations for sticking with it!

  • There's absolutely no point in the start/quit cycle. It's a draining waste of time and won't help at all and will make you feel terrible. Don't be that someone who quits. Be that someone who succeeds and you will walk a foot taller

    Come on! We're with you.

    Yes, those little non-food treats will help keep you motivated. A new pair of socks, a new vest or head band. Whatever, they will help you feel that you want to get out and do that run. A fresh tune to run/walk to. All help to keep you refreshed. A new route is always a bonus

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