Week1 run 1 completed fat and 57

Always wanted to run. I am fat and fifty seven and I just want to be able to run and keep running. Is there any one out there similar to me that has succeeded or is on their way?

I run on a treadmill; too ashamed of my wobbly body to do it outside, on a sunny and windy day like today I would love to be outside running. (The treadmill was a 50th birthday present which I use in the cellar - not had much use).


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  • There are simply LOADS of people on here in their 50's (including me!) who will encourage you and give you support. I think you starting this program is incredible and a really positive move. I wasn't fat, but I WAS overweight and running has completely sorted me out in that department.

    The main thing is to keep doing the prog. Don't give up. There are so many people in exactly the same position as you doing this program and it will definitely change your life.

    And don't give a sh** what peeps think of your body running. Just go outside and do your running there - breathe the air and listen to the birds singing their hearts out! (actually you'll have headphones in so you won't hear the birds.....but you get my drift right?) It's so much more delicious to run outside.

    Good luck. and make sure you keep posting on here Sedlif.

  • Many thanks, will run again after work on Monday.

  • Welcome! You've just done the hardest part and you still want to run.....that's a result! I'm 49 and need to lose some weight for sure, 7 weeks in and it is working and I love running. All my running is outside and I really couldn't give two hoots what anyone else thinks. Most people will just be thinking good on ya for getting up off the couch :) I love the wind, the sun, rain, hail I've been out in all of it. Please carry on posting and do your thing!

  • Thank you, running again on Monday.

  • If you keep coming on this forum you won't want to give up - everyone here is so kind and encouraging and will become your new running chums. Doing C25k is the best decision you will ever make - honest!

  • Will definitely come on the forum again. Thanks.

  • We could be twins !!! I am also 57, overweight and wanting to run. I have just finished uploading the podcasts to my iPod and plan on taking the first steps tomorrow. My birthday is in July by which time I hope to have ditched some of the excess weight and be able to call myself a runner.. Good luck to you, me and anyone else undertaking this journey :-)

  • Your starting situation is like so many of us. Your desire to run will carry you through this programme and you will soon find you are addicted. Running on its own won't shed the weight, but it certainly firms things up.

    Don't worry about what others think. Many of us were self conscious but you soon find you are pretty invisible to others and it's not long before you are so proud of what you are doing that you couldn't care less about being seen. Running outside adds so much to the enjoyment and with spring on its way, you'll miss out on so much if you don't.

    You can do this! Take it good and steady and come back here to share your triumphs or when you need support. Good luck!

  • Not sure if you're male or female sedlif (doesn't matter either way) but have you seen the 'This girl can' advert? It's a good thing to be red and sweaty! Go for it, it really doesn't matter what you look like if you are doing something you enjoy! Let us know how you get on x

  • hi and welcome sedlif :) I was 56 and carry some extra weight also an ex smoker when I started C25K , You have come to the right place for support and encouragement and advise if needed :D everyone here is wonderful and we all started at week 1/1 like you :D

    this is really the most amazing thing you can do and I hope you are ready for the changes it will make to your life :D

    Don't worry about what others might think in fact very few will take any notice really just get out there and enjoy the program and above all enjoy it :D

  • I graduated this week and today my Mum is doing w1r1. She is 59 and carrying excess weight. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of her for making that first step. The advice I have given her is to take it slow and steady, one step at a time. The journey is not always easy but it is so so worth it.

  • Started at 57 so like the rest- it can be done. I would definitely say try outdoors as well. Good Luck and well done for starting.

  • I'm fat and started when I was 58...now 59....and thanks to slow_rob I now wear running tights๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š. I am now of the mind that what I am doing is for me...to keep me healthy and not to put to fine a point on it so that I stick around for my children and grandchildren ( one so far but I have hopes of more lol). You have done the most difficult part and we are all here to support you. You might not always enjoy your runs but I can guarantee you that you will get a huge sense of achievement when you complete each run...happy running...

  • Yes, yes, yes! Me! I was 56 when I started. 57 now and can't stop flippin runnin. I'm like a running machine now. Zipping round the local streets like a girl

    That could be you!!!! If you give it your full attention and work at it then you'll do it. You have to be tough on yourself, no letting yourself off or being a wimp, and you'll do it. Weight loss and running. Tackling them both at the same time makes sense.

    Don't worry about being self-conscious. We all are but just ignore it. No-one gives two hoots honestly. You're invisible to everyone else but you. If you hit the streets, or local trails you will enjoy your running much, much more. It's liberating stuff and it will give you a buzz like you've never known.

    Come on!

  • Hi Sedlif (and Saltonj),

    Lots of people in the same boat as you have benefited from C25k. Starting at the same time as each other is helpful, so suggest you use this forum to keep track of how things are going and this will help with the motivation.

    I personally am using the 5:2 diet while following C25K and the 2 together have seen a steady gradual drop in weight, while still allowing me a weekend treat. I need my takeaway on a Saturday!

    Good luck in your journey and DON'T worry about what others think. I am definitely not a pretty sight, but don't give a d@#n.

  • Crumbs! There's loads of us over 50s here who started c25k, got completely hooked and now just love running. You're in really good company. Just take it slow and steady and, if you can, try to run outside. When I started I went out before 6am to run before anyone could see me. It didn't take long to get to the point where I couldn't care less who saw. Well done for starting and good luck for your upcoming runs :)

  • I'm another one. Started at 55 and am now 57! Still a bit fat but running 3 times a week and loving it. Have absolutely no problem with being self conscious now, was really embarrassed to begin with though. That lasted about two weeks then I decided to be proud of myself instead :)

    You go for it, you will be running for 30 minutes within a two or three months. Take it slow and easy, don't stress about speed just enjoy the buzz of success at the end of each run.

  • I think most people on here are ancient! I posted 9 weeks ago 'has anyone done this at 55 and with wonky knees' - I was inundated with replies saying 'YES'. This forum is full of people with the most inspiring stories - made me realise I hadn't got a problem at all and I should just get on with it. I always say to people, the fact that you walk for the first and last 5 minutes, takes you away from your immediate neighbours so no-one ever saw me run - I looked like I was just going for a normal walk (OK, you haven't seen my 'running gear' - I'm not exactly Miss Running Model of the Year). You do the running bit around the corner! I've just graduated. Its been the most incredible journey - very, very tough at times - but I put my success down to 1% mental determination and 99% support from the superb people on this forum. If you want to do it - you will. Good luck. (I hadn't run for about 40 years and couldn't run more than about 20 steps)

  • I could have written that. I'm 57 and just dropped from obese to overweight (woohoo!). I also run on the treadmill, but at the local gym. I hate gyms but I need to get fitter more, so...

    I just graduated so I'm proof that C25K works and for people like us. And we aren't the oldest!

    Later when you are near graduation think about doing a parkrun, which in my case is 285 people running round a lake outside. Awesome!

  • I am an overweight 58 year old in Lycra, I don't care what others think when they see me running in bright yellow or pink, I am just delighted to be out there. My next run will be my 'graduation' run. I haven't particularly done C25k to lose weight but expect that to be an eventual side effect. My primary motivation was to improve my health and generally have more energy and sleep better. I have increased my activity levels outside of the programme too. I don't think my weight has changed much yet, but my waist has shrunk a bit and I generally look a bit better posture wise. My BP is also better. More importantly, I do have more energy.

    Do try outside, it's so much nicer. You will see loads of other people in similar shape.

  • Wow, thanks for that!

  • Amazing posts, thank you, not managed my second run tonight, tomorrow definitely!

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