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Week1 Run 1 - DONE :)

Yay- I am trying again after not getting very far a year ago. It was not too bad after I got over my initial fear of running in front if people at the gym (I am doing the plan on the treadmill) have to say I very very nearly enjoyed it!!! You are all so inspirational - I would just so love to rise to this challenge and get fitter. I am a fatty currently on weight watchers and have lost 10 lb in 6 weeks. I would love to say 'I can run!' With a serious face and with pride! Any hints, tips or encouragement gratefully received. Hopefully this bloggy thing will keep my motivation strong!


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Well done!! I have just completed Week 1 this morning and I am also following WW and I have 7.5lbs to loose to get to goal and thought running would help! also I have entered 'Race for Life' and want to run the 5k!!

Good luck with the rest of your week! oh and this was my first time running outside as all my other running was done in the gym!


yeaaaay you!! well done for starting again. am sure this time you will finish and finish good guns!!

you're doing the weight loss in a gradual way which is good, as well as doing this program so lady - you deserve to be smiling like a cheshire cat now!!

best advice i can give (im no expert and only on week 4 - is to take it easy when it comes to breathing. Laura comes out with some advice about it later and some of us cant do as she recommends and it sort of stressed us out!! im no real runner but i find that as I run my breath kinda finds it own pattern (if you know what i mean).

best of luck and let us all know how you're getting on.

keeeeeeeep running!!

ali :-)


Welcome Justine.This bloggy thing helped me keep my motivation. Its great to read the blogs of people, their achievement, ups and downs. Soon you will be saying, 'I can run!' Trust the program, listen to Laura and enjoy every single run. Looking forward reading your blogs.


Congratulations on your weight loss and new adventures I wish you all the very best!

Jems x

P.s. guess you ARE a runner!


Well done getting started! Once you tie those trainers and take that first step, you're a runner! :-) I lost 36 pounds on WW before starting C25K. It is a very sensible way of eating that leads to a new way of viewing food and portions and very easy to make life-long habits. Wishing you the best! Gayle


Ahh thank you all so much! Got my next run booked in for tomorrow evening.... Will keep you posted x x x well... I did run for a tiny little bit didn't I :) x


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