Just finished too !

W9r3 quite extraordinary ! Went to local Parkrun, my fatal error was setting off with everybody at else and at 1k MapMywalk told me I was going at 6min20 per K, MUCH TOO FAST !! Also I was lulled into a false sense of security with the first bit being downhill, and what goes down must come up, hence being exhausted and having to walk for a little bit towards the end. (I did run about on the road for a bit after the parkrun to make up for it) But I did it !! Of course now I will have to try it again to see if I can do it with no walking, that's my next goal. Good luck everyone else. CAN WE DO IT ?....YES WE CAN.....

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  • Well done on graduation and at a Parkrun as well. I gather it's quite easy to get carried away with the enthusiasm but you had a walk break to recover and completed the run. Congratulations, good luck on your post-grad running and best wishes.

  • Congratulations - I know that problem with a downhill bit to begin with; It can really get you sprinting and then it is so, so hard when the path goes up again. You are right YES WE CAN.

  • Well done, that's fantastic! A walk break doesn't matter, you will know to pace yourself a bit better next time if that's what you choose to do. Enjoy your running x

  • Congratulations on graduating and your first park run. Great achievement :)

  • Brilliant news, Henpen! Fantastic achievement and well done for finishing in style at a Parkrun. Thanks for all your support, and keep up the good work :)

  • Well done! I did my first parkrun today, and it was the first time I've ever run a whole 5k, so I was happy, even thought I was the slowest :D

  • Haha! I was very nearly the slowest but who cares. We can run 5k !!

  • Congratulations on your graduation. Feels great doesn't it!

  • Well done! Congratulations!

    You'll find that you start to learn to judge the pace thing a little better now you've graduated. It's just a matter of practice as your focus moves from "can I make it to the end?" to "how can I improve?". In time you'll look be doing 6.20 and better for the whole run I'm sure.

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