Shoe Saga

Went to two different running shops today. One told me I should get support shoes, the other said not, that I have a very mild over pronation (?) on one foot, but should go neutral. Felt a bit clueless, but finally decided to buy some. Got home and felt terrible for spending over 100 quid that I can't really afford so took them straight back again! Felt a bit silly. Anyway, I think I just need to buy something that won't break the bank really. Any words of wisdom gratefully received!


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  • Well, now you know the type of shoe you need (neutral to mild support), buy some online. There are loads of great offers online and you should be able to pick p a £100 pair of running shoes for £30-40.

  • Would you say mild support would be the best bet given the different advice, or do you think either would prob be fine? Any tips on how to go about choosing, other than that?

  • Might help, when I got gait analysis done for my running shoes I needed mild support too, this fixed one of my ankles/foot into alignment but the other is still slightly out, he explained it was more preferable to have one fixed and the other in a 'natural' wrong than give me a shoe with more support that would fix the second foot but throw the first beyond the support it needed and therefore into a 'unnatural' wrong. Gait analysis is is well worth it if you didn't get it (but you may be charged if you don't buy shoes). Hope this helps a little to make a shoe decision (I'd run in good quality neutrals fine up to 5k even though I needed mild support and only swapped shoes because I was upping my training and not from any aches and pains) :) happy shopping!

  • Thank you

  • thats a toughie getting 2 different results , you didnt say which ones you went for although you took them back ... There are quite a few online stores that sell running shows you can search on neutral cushioned or supportive etc , getting last years versions can save a few pounds too ....

    The worry would be what is best for you shoe wise and getting the right ones :)

    It made such a difference to my running getting the right shoes comparded to my old ones which by pure luck were right but completly worn out ...

  • If you felt they were a good fit, you may be able to track them down elsewhere / online for less money. I seem to remember you saying you had given up smoking and drinking? Can you ring fence the savings you have made there? Alternately invest in good socks!

  • Good memory, Cod! No fags or booze since NY, but still the trainers had to go on a credit card, and I hate credit cards! I was using that good behaviour to justify it to myself, and the fact I waited til after wk 9, but then they didn't feel that great either and I wasn't all that confident... I'll have a good browse online for a bargain

  • I have been admiring you for making all that change at once. Fortunately I don't smoke, but I do like a drink, and I wouldn't want to have to give that up!

  • Thank you! I needed to give up smoking and have tried endless times. I don't think I 'needed' to give up alcohol quite so much, but the two go hand in hand for me, plus I do have a tendency to go overboard (with most things!) and I don't think drinking was doing me too many favours. Having said that, it's my birthday on Sunday, as I keep going on about, and a glass of red would be nice but I'll aim not to!!

  • I bought mine from Aldi for the big sum of £12 ish. They are so comfortable. So light too. I'm very happy with them. Can't quite believe how great they feel. Plenty of room for my toes.

  • I got a pair of neutral Mizunos from (or can't remember) for £27 cheaper than Sweatshop, and if you search online there's a discount code which effectively pays for the postage (er, other online sports shoe retailers are available...)

  • Allie, I'm on it! This website is very exciting, thanks!

  • :-D

  • Have you read this? It will either confuse you further or it will make you feel better :-)

  • Verrrrry interesting! Well worth the read, thanks for posting ViaM.

  • start fitness have s sale on. If you are neutral gait there is lots of choice. I like cushioned shoes meself

    My cheapest shoes were karrimors from sportsdirect. I ran in them today

  • If you know what you want, try It's where I got my magic orange superhero New Balance shoes from, I paid £39.99 - £40 off.

  • If you can remember which shoes you bought use google shopping and check ebay. I found my NB shoes £40 cheaper, but I guess I paid for gait analysis and a guarantee I could take them back if they didn't work, so I'm not overly bitter.

  • Take this with a grain of salt because I'm just going off what my chiropractor was telling me regarding my feet.

    If you pronate on one foot but not the other I'd probably opt for the neutral shoe. From what I understand, if you need special insoles or orthotics later they need that neutral format.

  • Thanks for all the advice. Think I know what to look for now. Must try and get some work done today and not spend all day on sports etc!! First up, my first post-graduation run, first run without Laura...

  • Sorry - I haven't read all the replies - been on here too long already today, catching up from y'day. But this made me laugh - I can so relate to the taking back of the shoes. Poor you - but I was shocked at the price too - thought I'd get some for around £20. And then CurlyGirly says she buys new ones every 8 months or so! Good luck for your Parkrun Miss Grad.

  • Thanks, Buffy, I'm glad you can relate!

  • You really MUST read the book, ' The first 20 minutes' by Gretchen Reynolds.. ( book detailing latest exercise science) will try and post copy of relevant page on my home page.. to quote' In a US army study, recruits who wore ' motion- control ' shoes ( designed to help with over pronation) during basic training were much more likely to wind up injured than other runners. The army scientists found the fewest injuries among those who wore a so called neutral , or unflashy, lightweight shoe'

  • Thanks for posting. It is all very confusing. At this rate, I'll just end up sticking with my old trainers. Have done OK with them so far!

  • Having had to return 3 pairs of shoes recently I think paying for Sport shop shoes is worth the price, they'll normally take them back even covered in mud..I guess it depends on how difficult to "fit" you are. Good luck xx

  • I can't help thinking it's an industry designed to part you from your money. If they fit and are comfortable, that's all you need. Within those parameters there's no need to spend shedloads of money.

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