Shoe advice and C25K/parkrun update

Shoe advice and C25K/parkrun update

Hi I've posted on here about how much I hate running but have encouraged others to do parkrun during their C25K journey. I did my first parkrun in July and finished 41.13. I did my second one last weekend and did it in 38.44. I still cant run longer than 10 minutes stints (and I still hate it!) but the fact that in a month I can knock near enough 2 1/2 mins off I was shocked. When I started I couldn't run 60 seconds so I am a believer in this program. I just need to tell my head not to keep stopping my legs haha

Anyway I have noticed that I am getting a hole where my big toe pokes through the mesh bit on top of my trainer. I want to get my gait analyzed and buy some proper shoes. Just wondered if they all have the mesh on top/low to the toe? I know its for air flow but at this rate I'll be buying new trainers every couple of months. Thanks for all the encouragement and advice :)


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  • My asics roadshoes have got it, my saucony trail ones don't. I am sure you will find some that will be better suited to your foot shape. There is a lot of choice out there. And well done for persevering and improving!

  • So you have a hole in the top of your shoe -- and??????

    I see lots of runners with this "problem" - stick some tape over it! :) In fact, I bought a pair of Skecher GoRun 4 shoes in the US recently - the most comfortable running shoe I have ( and I have 6 pairs!) - but they have holes appearing in the upper mesh and I don't think the lower soles will last very long looking at the wear they are showing already!! But boy!! - are they comfortable!!! :)

  • I'm getting my gait done soon and want new trainers anyway as I'm running in £10 Aldi trainers so probably aren't the best haha

  • It is good to have a pair of worn out shoes that can show how you run - take them with you to the shoe shop when you go for new ones :)

  • When you get your gait analysed, mention this concern in the running shop and I am sure they will find a suitable shoe for you. One thing there is not in this world is a shortage of variants of running shoe. Enough money/excuses to buy a sufficiency of them... now that is a different matter.

  • "sufficiency of running shoes" - spot the oxymoron.

  • Hmm - you are sounding like my wife!! Personally, I don't think that I can ever have "enough" running shoes!! :) Well - not at least until I find "perfection" !! :)

  • Definately can't get enough running shoes. I tried and failed! I'm now not allowed to go anywhere near shops that sell running shoes :)

  • Well I know gait analysis is worthwhile ( and I never thought you’d hear me say that) I agree with others.. just SAY to staff what you are looking for and why ( the ones I had were very helpful)

    Be willing to take time once you have the TYPE of shoes you want.. you will probably have a plethora of options as to design and style and cost of that type…

  • Hate is all you need. :-)

    I still think it's better to be as shoe-independent as you can be, and to maybe even use different ones in rotation. Up to a certain limit, even a bit of discomfort should be tolerable, that way you eventually come to rely mainly on just the robustness of your feet, with the nice fit of your shoes being a bonus.

    Before my numb toes problem I was even thinking of starting to do some running in hiking boots (just to condition myself for hiking), and a lot of running, barefoot (because I'm cheap, I suppose). Definitely the other trainers I have were going to be taken out for a run at some stage.

    But then I suppose this is the guy with the numb toes speaking, so maybe my shoes did me in? Someone in the running shoe industry is probably on their way to me right now to help me expand on that idea.

  • Haha I actually started the C25K wearing walking boots and jeans! The walking boots gave me much more support than my fashion trainer. Then I went to Aldi and they had running trainers for £10 so now I wear them. When I was a kid I used to prefer running barefoot than in trainers but I don't think the school liked it :/

  • I went through a phase of taking off the shoes and running a bit, during my extended cool downs. There was brand new tar on the road, so it was the extreme luxury version of barefoot. I talked myself out of it, just because there's so much broken glass out there. If you have some stretches where there's not too much broken glass, you could think of giving yourself a barefoot km or so at some stage. There's no shoe been designed yet that's as good as a foot for anything other than protecting against the broken glass.

    And actually if you did the occasional run in the boots, you'd stay in some sort of "boot running condition", too. Nice excuse to slow it down when you need to.

  • Well it didn't do Zola Budd any harm

  • I'll be interested to hear what they say about your gait - I have the same problem. My first pair of trainers had 'home made'air vents in them after two months. My big toes point upwards, but the mesh was crap. The ones I have aren't much better - the mesh goes right down to the end of the shoe for all the ones I tried. Apparently sticking a small piece of duct tape inside the shoe just where the toe rubs is a solution, and you just have to change it regularly. I haven't tried yet though.

  • Interestingly when I went for gait analysis and was debating between 2 pairs the guy openly told me asics tend to wear through the tops quickly. He said it's a known problem but not one asics have chosen to fix and they still sell lots of shoes. I'm sure there are probably other brands that do the same so I'd suggest picking the brains of the person when you go and say you'd like to avoid the problem :)

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