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Clueless about what running shoes to buy!

After several attempts at this programme, I'm finally sticking to it :). In the past I've finished the first week or so and then given up but this time my mind is set on finishing the programme and improving my fitness! Managed to do week 2 run 3 this morning and felt amazing afterwards! Can't believe that in a couple of months I should be able to run for 30mins without stopping, I'm really looking forward to it :).

So far, I'm running in old trainers, leggings and a long T-shirt. I'm considering investing in a pair of running trainers but don't really know where to start. Roughly how much do they cost and what features should I be looking for? I'm a bit worried about going for gait analysis this early on, would it be ok to just buy a pair from a sports shop?

Thanks in advance :).

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Yes it would. I don't have a running shop nearby so I went to SD and got some Karrimors

If you are just running on hard surfaces then just get road running shoes. I was running all on the trails so I got their trail shoes too. Both pairs have been fine and dead comfy straight out the box, and both were £39.99

I am still wearing the Karrimor road shoes, which I had back in November and they look like new despite all the wear they've had.


I just heading to my local decathlon store, they have the trainers in sections - those for road runners and those for trial runners. I got their own brand about £20 very comfy. I think at this stage you don't need to spends loads. Just make sure they are comfortable and fit ideally you need to shoe shop at the end of the day when your feel are swollen. My running trainers are slightly bigger than my normal shoe size.


I used my old trainers for the first 2 or 3 weeks and then I went for gait analysis and got the right shoes for my gait. They are Brooks and cost £80. They made a big difference to my running and so I would always recommend going for gait analysis. However, other people have used budget price trainers without gait analysis and have used them with no problems. Misswobble's advice (she's very experienced) tends to be reliable so you could do as she suggests and treat yourself to gait analysis and new shoes after graduation. Good luck with the programme and well done for sticking to it this time round. Best wishes.


It is worth remembering though that as you get into the longer runs, your feet will swell while you are running so you will likely need a bigger size than your normal shoe size. I tend to like my day shoes laced quite tightly - I can't do this with my running shoes! I have to have the bottom of the laces quite loose to allow some "growth" room, then I can still tie the tops tight. A gait analysis helps, if you do have a local running shop near you. I had to pschye myself up for some time before I went in (I'm not exactly shaped like a runner...), but the guys in there were great and just really enthusiastic. They didn't make me feel at all uncomfortable. They also told me that technology-wise, most of the shoes nowadays are much of a muchness, so go for comfort and lowest price!


Thanks for the replies everyone :). Think I'll go to sports direct for my first pair as I'm on a tight student budget. I'll make sure there's plenty of room in them for any growth, I thought it was weird yesterday that my trainers felt fine when I set off but seemed to pinch a little near the end!


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