It's time for Curly to join the Garmin club

My mobile phone touch screen has gone bonkers again, I'm fed up with them...

The question is - which Garmin do I want?

I want to see my route, elevation, speed/pace, I'm not really interested in heart rate or anything complicated..which one should I buy?

(it's a bit complicated trying to work out which watch does what here in France)


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32 Replies

  • Have a look at the Tomtom ones as well

  • Goodness, they look expensive...I've been really happy with Runkeeper up till now, but my phone is not up to the task...

  • Depends how you look at it, I spent at one time possibly £40 or more a week on beer, spirits etc, If I spend a tenner now its as much, what price do you put on your health, some people think nothing about spending £35 a month on a mobile phone contract and how many people see your shiny new phone, its either in your bag or your pocket. Some people spend thousands on a car to sit in a traffic jam and average 20mph. I'd rather spend more on something that makes me what to do something good, then plug it into my pc when I get home and see how many calories ive burnt or many miles I've done. If it motivates you, then its money well spent I'd say.

  • Keep it cheap and get a Forerunner 10 or 15, sounds like you don't need anything more than that..

  • I would tend to get the basic one Curly. That is the Forerunner 10.

    The only drawback compared to RK (which I know you are fan of) is that you have to connect it to your PC (USB connection) to upload your activities to Garmin Connect.

  • That's no problem, you have to do the same with RK more or less, that is you have to be online and I don't have a mobile contract. RK is great but my phone is knackered...I've only had it 5 months, it's the second I've had in a year. Just not up for the task I think. xx

  • I'd second the advice so far - got for a Forerunner 10. I have a Forerunner 15 because I wanted to link to a HRM, otherwise I'd be more than happy with a 10.

  • Steve -- what HRM do you use to link to the Forerunner 15??

  • Bazza

    Check out the Miolink HRT

  • I have the Mio Link. Works well.

  • Me too. Forerunner 15 and MIO Link, very happy with both

  • Do you wear them on different arms???

  • Yes Bazza :)

  • I've had my forerunner 10 for a week. It does the same as Runkeeper but is more easily accessible and a tad more accurate. I ran my local Parkrun course (alone) and the Garmin was 5k exact but the Runkeeper said 5 . 2k! !!! I was worried the upload would be a pain but it is instant. The only 'downside' I've felt compared to Runkeeper is that it takes longer to get a signal (hence the accuracy!) and depending where I am running I'd want my phone anyway :)

  • I've had a Garmin Forerunner 10 for the past year and I'm very happy with it. It provides all that you've listed. You need to plug it into and sync with a computer to see the information but there's no more faff than that to it.

  • Forerunner 10!

  • I find that forerunner 10 gives me everything that I want which is same as what you want and a bit more - route, elevation, speed/pace, distance, intervals, pacing.

  • I got Gloria the Forerunner 10 for my birthday and she's been an absolute boon. And so pretty :)

  • Mine is called Agnes Violet Garmin. My husband thinks I'm mad ........

  • I enjoy using it - have a forerunner 110 - but don't trust its accuracy.... (see my latest post)

  • Another vote for Forerunner 10, I bought one on Ebay for £40, less than half the price of a new one! It's really all you need.

  • Forerunner 10 it is then! Off to Amazon.FR...thanks all x

  • Great choice Curly :)

  • I'm dropping subtle hints in the millwalki household, may have to print off pictures leave them loafing around :)

  • Forerunner 10. The lilac ones were on sale the other day. Someone posted, forget who. Doh!

    A man will tell you that you need the biggest with all the bells and whistles. Us ladies are a tad more minimalist. LOL

  • They were on Amazon in lilac only for £48 quid I think it was. Soon sold out though , but they keep popping up at random intervals , so keep your eyes peeled Curly xxx

  • I know what I want and it has to be simple. Pah, trust me to miss an offer...I want one asap, my phone ruined a lovely run yesterday by stopping the workout after 3 seconds, and starting my music track from the beginning over and over, until I was actually jumping up and down swearing loudly in the pouring rain! In the end I turned it off completely and ran with nothing, which was a mistake as I was now so behind schedule Baldy was worried and couldn't contact me.

  • I would definately go with FR 10 (if you don't ever see yourself wanting heart rate) or a FR 15. I think the FR 10 is much prettier though. We bought the FR 10 for my brother and it seems to work well for him.

    I started out with a Forerunner 201 (that thing was huge) bought at a police auction for £40 (lost and found). I then upgraded to a 305 (also very big). I then downgraded to a FR110. I find the charging / sync clip on the 110 is very frustrating so I've gone back to the 305.

    Where I live the FR 15 has been on sale for £80 with heart rate strap.

    edit: The charge and sync clip on both th FR 10 and FR 15 seems to be better than on the 110. We have two 110:s in the house (my wife has the pink/grey) and both are a hassle to charge and sync with Garmin Connect. I've nearly chucked them out many times. If my wife picks up running (she plans to start W1R1 on Sunday) I will probably buy her a Vivoactive, a FR 220 or Fitbit Surge so she gets simple uploads. She uses a Fitbit one and is very pleased with the device.

  • One big question - does it talk to you? I've got used to RK telling me out loud my speed and distance every so often.

  • Nope he doesnt talk, but he goes beep every split (default every 1km)

  • Thanks that'll do fine. He? I always saw Garmin as feminine...

  • Then yours will be femenine then ;)

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