Hoorah!!!!! WK1 all runs completed on Saturday

I have to say that I found this easier this time round and was very pleased with myself that I managed to compete WK1 with not really any problems apart from the red beetroot blotchy face !!! Haha I felt like one of those fruit salad chrws you used to be able to buy for a penny!!!!! AND I did a bit more than shuffle along at a ridiculous pace, I actually picked my feet up off the ground and while not feeling like a sprinting gazelle I actually felt a bit like a co-ordinated beetroot haha and just knew everyone was looking at me struggling along!!! But not to worry I told myself because I am actually out there doing it.

Now, tonight I am attempting WK2 R1 so will let you all know about my escapades tonight when it is a bit cooler !! until then happy running!!

Best regards



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9 Replies

  • Beetroot, no! You're becoming rubicund! It's a sign of vitality. It's what they're talking about when they say people glow. There's nothing undignified or ugly about a healthy red face, glowing with the effects of exertion. Be happy to be able to have one of these a few times a week; most people stay sallow and cool at all hours of all days, and never exude anything at all, but you get to shine. Relish it! Take selfies. Admire yourself in the windscreens of passing cars ... OK maybe it's not such a great idea to get so positive you get vain ... And well done on completing the mission so well.

  • Mmmm never seen a 'coordinated beetroot' before I confess... Well done you KNOW you can get to week 8... So good luck...

  • I am sure that you just glowed in a charming, feminine way. That's what I tell myself I do ;)

    Yep, better to be sweating it out pounding the streets rather than sinking into couch based lethargy. Well Done!

  • Oh how funny!!! Thank you all for your replies, I have to report thatWK2 R1 is complete........ Hallelujah!!!

    Had a bit of fun as I was joggling along, calves aching like mad, when a small group of sprightly young something's came by so I sort of tried to tag on at the back - as you do thinking this is good!!! But alas they were dots in the distance in no time at all and I was alone again...... With my mate Laura, but I made it round the park, glowing beautifully like the rubicund I have become!!!!

    More on Wednesday - keep smiling and posting see you all soon


  • well i once was overtaken by a MUCH older man... wearing a knee bandage... and limping...

    only thing I could think of as being worse was if he had had only one leg!

    But i stuck my head down and plodded on..

  • Oh dear how embarrassing especially with a knee bandage an all!!!!! But well done for plodding on and doing it!! I'm loving it this time round can't wait for tomorrow, tomorrow I'll run more tomorrow it's only a day away!!



  • well done.. keep it up!

  • Haha that happens to me all the time :)

  • Well done, your comments have made me smile and I am very glad that I have not come across any young uns while out :)


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