Just getting it out there so I daren't go back in

KittyKat007 has kindly offered her boot for stuck butts and I am ashamed to say I must accept her kind offer because there has been a slackening of resolve. Tomorrow, after a 5-week idle period, will be day 1 of the comeback. Just saying so there can be no going back.

All butt shoves/pushes/hoofers welcome to add tuppence worth so I can save up for a cup of tea afterwards.



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44 Replies

  • Get that arse in gear slookie, if you get out tomorrow then we'll do a whip round for biccies to have with that well deserved cuppa! you'll be fine :)

  • Oooooh, biccies! That would make it worth the effort. Sports biscuits please. Ha ha ha ha ha. Do Tunnocks Teacakes count as biscuits?

  • 2 lots of biccies, you'll have to do an extra big run for those, and yes teacakes count! Ive been on the dunking malted milks phase today at work!

  • Love malted milks dunked. And ... have now earned at least 1 :D

  • What's up Slooks?????? Why the period of idleness/sloth/lethargy/tardiness etc etc for the past FIVE weeks? You have to have had a broken ankle or sommat to get away with a lay off of that length! Have you a sick note or a note to say "excuse me"? Hmmm, pray tell?

    If not, shift it lady!

    No more shillyshallying. Be gone, go out the door, don't hang around now .......

  • Oo-er! [Shuffles about, looking at toes] No sick note after the first 2 weeks but then just the idle/slothiness/lethitardiness etc. Then a weird loss of confidence about getting back out. But ... just as well I did otherwise I would have been too scared to come back here in case you sent a note to me mam :D

  • Get your gear out ready and don't let anything stop you!

  • Thanks Wristy. Just did it and it was better than expected, if slower than any slow thing ever :)

  • There you go Slookie. MissW's given you the hard word, so you better be out there first thing tomorrow, or you're in big trouble ;)

    Good to hear from you again mdear :)

  • Wot-ho AM! Did it. Slow, but that's the first one done. Phew, that's me out of trouble for a bit :)

  • Hi Slookie! I'm a newbie on here and a mere baby at W3. Don't make me feel like I'm going to give up too. Or then we'll have to call you Slacker instead of Slookie. I prefer Slookie. Get those shoes on and GO girl!

  • Thanks MF, well done for getting to W3, that's 1/3 there! Got shoes on and went. Not at a great lick, but still went. It feels rather good now :)

  • If I remember correctly Slookie you were an invincible runner who made terrible mince pies ;) (a recipe that will stay with me for a long time :D ) Sounds like it's time to put those shoes on and put the invincible back into the runner. Go on.... you know you can do it :)

  • Oh no, I thought those mince pies were all forgotten about Hilbee. There was also the marmalade tea-brick which could only be managed dunked without fear of expensive dentistry :D

    Did running. Well, shuffled about in a sort of jog for 30 mins but as there was perspiration, I reckon it counts. Feels soooooo good to have done it.

  • What mince pies? ;)

    Hey, well done on getting back out there. Shuffle/jog/run? All the same really especially if there is perspiration involved :D

  • Looking forward to your report of your run, where you come back and tell us how great it was, and how much you hadn't realised you missed running, and how you're going to mark your next run on the calendar, and thank you to KittyKat for the boot and everyone else for the offers of tea and biscuits and support etc. :)

  • Thanks AnnieM. Hear hear thank you to KittyKat and all of you lovely butt-hoofing peeps. I hadn't realised how much I had missed it but the longer I went, the less confident I was about doing it. Duh. Stoopid really.

  • I'm on a bit of a break at the moment too. I need you to test the waters for me so I know what it'll be like when I get back in ... what caused your break?

  • What caused my break Useit? See Miss W's post above about lethargy, sloth, etc. All of those naturally seemed to follow the back tweak and the snotty nose. The longer I left it the harder it seemed to be to JFDI! So I just did it. Just now. Feels great - come on back in Useit, no pressure and just go easy. Actually, without the self-imposed pressure of improving on whatever happened last time, it just felt so good doing the slowest amble which resembles a jog in the history of movement.

  • Come on Useit!!!! It's spring! I know it feels like winter but today is going to be a better day cos the weather man said. Tomorrow shi*e but today scorchio. Get going.

    Vrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooooooom ................

    You too Slackie, er I mean Slookie! (titters quietly, backing off towards the door)

  • Ha ha! Slookie is back. Knackered and a bit soggy, but back. Didn't want that Slacker label to stick now did I :D

  • Yay good lass Slookie ! Did you do my run as well for me ?

    Here have a coconut snowball :-D xxx

  • Shall we go halves? 2.5k each at a speed which is not fast enough to get to the light switch to turn it on, let alone faster than its speed when on full beam. Will fully understand if you want to reject this one and wait for something from a shelf higher than the bargain bottom shelf of runs with flaws and some fading.

    Ooooh I had totally forgotten about coconut snowballs! Now you mention it there were those marshmallow on biscuit things in two colours with jam down the middle as well. :) xx

  • Hmm let me think ..... Okay yes definitely , Im happy with that Slooks :-)

    In my current state, I'll take owt !

    Yes I remember them pink and white jam thingys , cant remember what they are called though, it will come to me

    Well done Slookie for getting out there , do you think that maybe you've got a tiny bit of the love back Hmm ? :-) xxx

  • I am aching to get back out there, but I'm not very well at the moment and only have enough energy for bare essentials. The enforced break is doing my legs some good though, and I can now walk up and down stairs without grimacing. Another week or so I reckon and if my current health problems ease off I will be donning my running gear and getting out there. It's a lovely day here today, so I am going for a nice walk (after the inevitable Sainsbo run).

    Glad you're back Slookie. Even if you're not running, I love your posts as you are obviously a complete lunatic and therefore my kinda gal!!!

  • Oh Useit, sorry you haven't been feeling great. Getting out and walking is good, I have been walking about 4-5k a day with the dogs and it seems to have kept me ticking along much better than if I had not been walking. (Though the 'run' this morning was, in truth, hardly faster than my march/walk pace) Enjoy the sun - go seek your vit D allocation! Or is it A? Anyway, vital for cheering us all up.

  • Get to it Slookie - You are my Champion and champions do not wallow about in the world of Slouchers and NR's*

    So consider yourself butt kicked and get to it now - not good enough - nil points! So days getting longer - weather (a little) better - go for it.

    NR - Non Runner - a pre-evolutionary life form unable to move at more than 3mph - whose fossilized remains can be found in sofas around the world. :)

  • That's weird Runon. I found fossilised remains from the pre-Slookie era while I was being a couch slouch. There was other stuff down there too but I can't print what. Me mam might read this and she would be ashamed. Butt is feeling well and truly kicked now and has taken itself on a s-l-o-w jog for 30 mins. Feels much better now. :)

  • Amazing what can be down the back of the couch eh! Don't be hard on yourself - I bet even your Mam has a couch with a back... BUT I am so glad you are back to being a Champion again - you role models have a lot to live up to you know - so do keep up with the living up to stuff and butt kicking requirements will be minimal - especially after reading Slow-Rob has size 13's - I mean do they actually make running shoes that big?! - You probably just strap on Pirelli tyres - anyway I bet it would hurt so best to keep running I think :)

  • my size 13's are ready and waiting Slookie :D now get out there and do your thang like you know you can ;D

  • I dun it Rob, I dun my thang though not sure anyone else would be proud to call it their thang. Anyways, it was so much better than no thang at all, which has been the norm these past weeks. It's almost a relief to have stopped stopping and to be able to get going again. Thanks so much for the offer of a size 13 hoof, but, on this occasion I am able to decline - phew! :)

  • haha well done Slookie :D seems you picked a great day to do it :D dont worry they are here and ready anytime :)

  • Do you hire them out for boating tours? My bruv is also a long-wheelbase type with size 13s. I am supposing you and he will be the last to keel over in a strong wind which makes you a stable sort of chap. Neigh :D :D :D oh dear, this running euphoria has turned me delirious.

  • haha very stable unless a bit to much grape juice :) see how good it makes you feel Slookie, running not grape jucie !!

  • Get out there yooooooo...!! (that's as menacing as I can manage)...oh, I see you did :D Great!! So, Slookie it still is then.

    We are all behind you...seriously, look over your shoulder - scary, eh?! (.... that would be kind of weird and scary if we were suddenly all TARDISed to standing in our gear right behind you looking all fit and stuff, though, wouldn't it?!).

    Anyway, no matter what, ahem, 'rest' you had, your 'slowest amble which resembles a jog in the history of movement' sounds just lovely...we sometimes miss the point with all this running around like nutters, getting pinkerer than a pink thing that is pink (and sweaty too...don't forget the sweat - you've missed that, eh?!)

    Welcome back :D

  • That's quite menacing, in a kind, not really all that fierce, sort of a way. Oh, and there was ... perspiration and pinkyness (puce probably). But you are so right Tiki, just enjoying it no matter how slow is uplifting in a way that competing against self is not.

  • I can see you have already been out there, so well done, Slookie. I shall save the stern talking-to for the next sign of any slackiness from you, young lady! :)

  • Blimey, that was a narrow escape from a talking-to of the stern sort. Will be jolly careful about any slackiness in future, promise! Was quite good fun once I was under way.

  • Jam sandwich? Mikado?

    I think we called em jam sandwich biscuits. Forgotten how delish theY were. I used to separate the the biscuit from the top bit

  • and ... did you eat the chocolate off the edges of Club biccies before getting the boring biscuit thing out of the way? And same for the coconut snowballs and Tunnocks Teacakes? Me neither ;)

  • Ha ha , I used to do that with Club biscuits , ha ha Im glad that wasnt just me :-)

    Used to do it with Kit Kats too, but I grew out of that one :-) xxx

  • Someone mentioned biscuits. It was a no-brainer after that :D

    Ta for the encouragement KK007, it turned out nice in the end :)

  • If you leave that long between runs again then I'll tell your Mum about your snot rockets :D

    PS Well done on getting back out there though!

  • Blimey! This is a bit like an episode of ghosts of sins past: first Hilly brings up the terrible mince pies (she's not the first :D :D ) and now you mention the snot rockets. Working on velocity and wind direction and will report findings once I have cleared up the misjudged north easterly from earlier.

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