Couch to 5K

Back out there and giving it large!

Well I woke up this morning (that sound like the beginning of a rhythm and blues song??) and after a blissful lie in, which for me is a rare thing, I donned my running clobber and set off with Endomondo pinging away on my phone. To be absolutely honest, the old groin was twinge'ing slightly when I got up but oddly once I'd walked for 5 mins, it had "warmed" up and seemed to be ok.

Luckily there were no incidents along the way. All muscles felt fine and apart from my right shoulder freezing up briefly (cos I was carrying my water bottle in my right hand) I was powering along just fine. Didn't dare go fast in case Mr Groin started shouting, but I managed a pretty good distance before I completely ran out of puff. I mean, there was NO WAY I could have run further - BUT....... here's the annoying bit. I got my phone out and I had covered only 4.5K, not 5K as I had originally thought?!! "BLAAAAST!" I said. I tried to slope off and drag my legs along thinking that if I finish the extra half K, I'd be happy. Alas, twas not to be. My brain said "Dan. You know what? Sod it! STOP NOW!" So I did.

I walked home the extra half K feeling pretty good that Signor Groin was still ok and walked in the front door to the cheery tones of Mrs Dan who said "Well? How did it go?". "I only did 4.5K". "For God's sake Dan! That's good!". "Yeah but, I just looked at my stats and it said 5K in 31'45sec". "Go and have a jacuzzi! That's better than I can do. You stupid idiot!"

I should say here that the last comment, though it sounds cruel, is a normal response from Mrs Dan to my good self. Her nickname for me is "Stupid Idiot" which I have to admit, fits pretty damned well with some of the things I say and do. For eg. I once asked my assistant with whom I work, "What is it that powers windmills. Is it electricity?" AND I WAS SERIOUS!!!

Anyhow, thanks for all your support and kind words at every post I make. I really appreciate your comments as they give me a bit of "va va voom!"

Happy running!

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Va VA VOOM - back at you - what a cheery read of domestic bliss! Having my own bliss day today - husband giving me ( unnecessary ) instructions on reversing my car - and I backed into his car and he blamed me - and then left the hedge trimmer pointing out of a tree - which I bashed myself - again my fault apparently. Tsk - anyway I digress.

Really well done for getting back in the saddle and doing a good time and distance - Mrs D is quite right - hope you enjoyed the jacuzzi :-)


Brilliant to hear that you managed your run without too much pain and that you listened to your body and stopped at the right time when it's so tempting to carry on. Mrs Dan sounds awesome - great to have someone who not only supports you but keeps you in line :)


That's fantastic.... Well done you for getting out there.. And wise words from Mrs Dan.... Lovin the tags!!! Take care


Do you know girls I think Mrs Dan has him well and truly sorted out, 'stupid idiot' to his face but 'that's my man' behind his back ;) Oh Dan you were not supposed to be listening to that, go and have another jacuzzi :) Good that Mr Groin behaved for you.


Hahaha! That did make me laugh!


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