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Graduated and Injured! :-(

I graduated last week - anyway smug as I am on my next run I developed a niggle and I believe I have shin splints in my left leg :-( I understand this to be common for a 'novice' runner who has built up too quickly or gone too far distance wise in such a short period of time - I am so P***ed off! I believe I need to rest it for a couple of weeks - this makes me really worried that I will get out of practice and pack in altogether. I run on a treadmill at the moment and have had a gait analysis and have good shoes which are for a pronation - the damage is in the non pronating leg and I think maybe it could be aggravated by the instep in the shoe - the pronating leg is fine :-( Kind words and advice please - P x

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Are your shoes new or did you have them for the programme? New shoes can take a while to get used to. I would rest until your shins feel better and then go back to run walk for a while. Good luck that Injury Couch sucks


Oh no! That's bad luck. Hope it clears up soon and you can get back to it. I would be soooo annoyed if that happened to me after all the hard work, but hopefully it won't hold you back for long


Well done on your graduation! Sorry you are suffering though. It does seem to take a while for the body to get used to continuous running. Definitely rest but don't worry about getting out of practice. You won't lose fitness that quickly and you could always try doing some other form of exercise (which isn't high impact and doesn't cause you pain) until you are ready to run again. Hope you recover sooner than you expect.


Aww bad luck. 😞

Just rest as needed then you will find you can build back up quite quickly - you won't lose all your hard won fitness in a couple of weeks. Running is for life, and there will be occasional interruptions for whatever reason. You'll be fine!

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Oh TP, that is such bad luck for you xxx

Definitely rest for the time being. If you read Heggers posts, she has got lots of tips and advice re shin splits as she is suffering with them.

I know being on the Injury Couch is the flippin' pits, Im on it myself and have been for some time, but we will get better , we will.

Chin up, this too shall pass xxx


How annoying - can't offer advice, just sympathy. Horrid. You'll be back I'm sure - you're hooked now.


I got shin splints early on and like you feared I would lose my progress, or worse, my interest in running. Neither happened, they will pass. So sorry it's happened to you, I know how awful they are xx


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