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Graduate and then get injured!


Two weeks ago I graduated after completing two weeks of 30 minute runs, towards the end of the run I felt my ankle hurting a bit, not long after stopping I could hardly walk! Couldn't believe it! I have taken two weeks off, had physio last Friday and was told I could try running again. I went out yesterday and was really pleased that I could still manage 24 mins, I could have pushed on but didn't want to risk my ankle too much. It was only about two miles because I took it very slowly. My ankle is sore again today, but keeping up with the stretching and ice and back to the physio next week. I really don't want to lose my momentum and fitness so want to get back to regular running as soon as I can. It felt so good to get out again, I didn't realise how much I have missed it and how much I enjoy my 30 mins of focused time for me. Part of me isn't too bothered about this blip, I know it will get better and then I'll be back on track.

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Drat, isn't it a nuisance when injury messes around with your plans! You seem to be approaching your recovery sensibly, though, so lots of good wishes for better news from your physio next week, and keep taking things steadily. After all, it's not as if you are missing loads of warm summer running at the moment?! Take care, Linda x


I tore my calf muscle in my graduation run. Thankfully not too badly but I was off for a week and then 2 weeks of building up again. It is so frustrating isn't it! Good luck getting back on track with the running. Don't push too hard too fast - not worth another set back!


I managed my first 30 min run a few weeks ago and finished in pain, I think I hurt my Achilles tendon, I have been resting it for 3 weeks, stretching and icing, wondering whether to go to the GP or physio. I am missing my running and think I'll have to start back at week 5. This helps me make my mind up to go see my GP and be more pro-active about getting it sorted.

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Definitely get to a physio. I have found the physio much more helpful than the GP. It's awful getting to the end and managing 30 mins and then not being able to run again!


I saw a physio a couple of times and he suggested that I try running again, gently, I ran last night after stretching and good warm up, I ran for 10 minutes then 10 mins walking then stretching, my leg and ankle were painful, so I stretched, iced, anti inflammatory's and this morning it was OK, my question is.... should I try less or keep at the 10 mins and build on that?

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