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A right royal pain in the bum

Since graduating, my running buddy and I have been continuing with 2 or 3 weekly 30 minute runs with a few breaks for holidays etc here and there. Having got, and then got rid of, shin splints in July I was really getting back into it, and then....

A slight niggly occasional twinge in my hip when running turned into a big pain in my left buttock radiating down my leg when twisting and sitting. Blimey it was painful!

Hit Google and found symptoms to be text book Piriformis Syndrome. I soldiered on for a few days, sitting and rolling around on a tennis ball to try and ease it off, and ran once more as running actually doesn't hurt. BIG mistake as half an hour later I was in agony!

Realised there was nothing for it but to get off to the Osteo for a deep tissue massage, based on what I'd been reading. Had a half hour with the delightful Marion yesterday which was excruciatingly painful but something like ecstasy too. By last night I was feeling like a different person - I honestly can't believe that the pain has almost completely gone!

And the really good news is Marion says if I'm feeling ok after the weekend I can run again next week 😃.

The whole episode has alerted me to the fact I am over-pronating and am now the proud owner of a great pair of orthotic insoles for my current trainers, and am on the hunt for a decent pair of support trainers. If anyone has any recommendations it would be great to hear them. (Ideally don't really want to spend more than £100 😬)

Thank you!

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Get a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop and take their advice. My recommendation may be totally inappropriate for you and the fit of different brands varies considerably, so you need to try shoes on........ don't be brand led. Once you know what is right for you, searching on the net can save you money in the future.

As you now know, the wrong shoes can cause damage, so don't skimp. You deserve the best shoes you can afford.


Thanks - I'd been thinking about that. There's one general sports shop near me that advertises they do gait analysis but I'm never convinced of their expertise as staffing in the shop seems somewhat flaky. I might try and get to a specialist running shop instead - I know there's one in Guildford about 45 mins away.


My experience of Sports Direct is that I have always (even as a beginner) known more about running than the sales staff, due to poor training.

Decathlon seem to be a bit better, but an independent shop is probably your best bet.


We have a Decathlon local to me so I'll check and see if they have gait analysis when I'm in town later. Thanks for the tip!


Listen to IannodaTruffe ... :)

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