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Week 4 Run 1 Completed!

Well, after a couple of set backs, hamstring twinge and a really heavy cold, I completed Week 3 again last night.

I know today should have been a rest, but I was desperate to know if I could run for 5 minutes non stop so went to the gym. I had decided I would just do half of the run, and build up from there, but I felt not too bad so kept going. Last five minutes was hard, but I made it.

In total, managed 4k in 30½ minutes. Might not be the fastest 4k ever, but it's a personal best for me!


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Firstly, the pace is really good for someone in w4 - I think it would average just over 38 mins for a 5k. Indeed, it is not an awful 5k time for a runner.

Secondly.... Don't push yourself so hard! The program is structured to build your ability gradually over time. I have pushed myself too hard a couple of times (w6 most recently) and I suffered because of it. Take it easy - you don't want to wear yourself out and struggle in future. This is how you get yourself down, or even injury yourself. Try to ensure you keep those rest days - they are important.

It sounds like you are enjoying yourself and have made good progress... Well done.


Hi christop, sorry for taking so long to reply. Thanks for the comments about the pace, I'm quite pleased with it and once I can run for 30 minutes non stop, I'm going to gradually increase it.

I'm normally very good about rest days. Either complete rest or sometimes a cycle, just to stop the legs from stiffening up.

And you're right! I am enjoying myself. Rewind back to start of January and I'd have said you were mad if you even suggested that I might enjoy running!!


Well done. You feel really good once you've finished don't you. What kph did you have the treadmill on when running?


Angie, sorry for taking so long to reply. On the treadmill I walk at 6.6Km/hr and run at 8.6km/hr. The treadmill is a Life Fitness model so I can program the runs on line and log on to the treadmill and select my run.

Saves having to remember to change the speed on the treadmill as it does it for me.

Week 4 Run 2 now complete and feeling good!


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