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A break from laura

After all my frustrations I decided to take a break from Laura yesterday. Monday is my day for 'run 1' but I couldn't get motivated, so I went out in the morning and done a 'quasi-run/walk' along a stunning costal path. I was out for 30 mins and done about half that running. I went to the gym at night and had a really good workout too - including a 15 mins run.

I feel so much better now & so much more happy and positive. Will be hitting the road again on Wednesday and looking forward to it.

I love the programming, but I think I was so much in need of a break. Onwards & upwards!

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Hi Christop, what's wrong with Laura? It's been a while now, but I still have this small crush on her......

Anyway, your run/walk (nothing quasi about it by the way, they all count) is more or less what you would have done with Laura anyway, so we'll done you!

What can we do to help you?


Oh, don't get me wrong - Laura is the number 1 lady in my life right now! And although I have never seen, or met her there is certainly something about her!

I was getting down with the program, and changing things up has allowed me to enjoy a run. I'm back on it today - looking forward to a run this afternoon.


Oh but you can see the lovely Laura, complete with video, right here:

Just made your day!


What ever works for you..


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