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Shhh, Don't let Laura read this

So I posted on Thursday evening that I'd done 30 mins in week 7 as I got ready for the Sport Relief (3) Mile tomorrow. So surprised and excited, and many thanks to those who offered their congratulations.

This morning I went out to do an 'easy' 25 minute run and I have to say it was the hardest since I started. Legs tired after only 1/4 mile and, sad to say, I let the chimp on my shoulder get the better of me. 20 mins in, I stopped for a wee walk. First time I've given in. However, it was only for one minute, then got going again and saw it through to 28 mins (I was running the week 8 podcast). Funnily, I could have kept going ... but hey, I need to save something for tomorrow.

So I'm now wondering if forcing the peak at week 7 was actually the smartest thing to do? And, if instead I had stuck to the programme schedule, would I have avoided today's hiccup? And would I now be looking forward eagerly to tomorrow's run, rather than worrying about failing in front of my family. They've been bored stiff with my enthusiasm and I can't dissapoint them or myself.

My solution? After counting calories for 10 weeks and pounding the streets for 7, I've made a deal with myself. Run to the end and I get my first fish & chips since before Christmas! Either it will work or I'll be salivating so much I'll trip over my tongue ...

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well done for keeping it up, focus on the positive, so maybe u should have done something different, lesson learned, ive got a great vision of you completing tomorrows run no problem & then tucking into those well deserved fish & chips, ive promised myself a easter egg in a couple of weeks, my reward for keeping this up :)


Thanks for those words of encouragement. Looking forward to tomorrow's run for Sport Aid and although never having run alongside anyone before, am sure that the 'pack' will keep me going.


i too found some of the longer runs in week 7 and 8 difficult and bailed out on runs in both weeks......

but today was my goal and i only gone and done it 5k :)

stick withwhat works for you m8 the end of the tunnel to the chip shop is fast approaching good going and stick in


Hi Andrew. Well done on hitting the 5k. Bet you feel sooooo good!

I'd been totally fine until this morning. I normally run in the evening but went early, with just a banana so not to have a full belly. Maybe that was the problem. Who knows. But I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

Keep up your good work.


I don't think it's ideal to skip weeks, mainly because you risk injury, but if you are committed to a race then I can understand why you have.

Don't get disheartened though about not finishing a run today though - real athletes only do 'light' runs in the lead up to a race.

Hope you enjoy the fish and chips!


Hi Sarah, but Hmmm - didn't actually skip any weeks - just kept going at the end of a couple of week 7 runs. A bit like finding in an early week that stopping to walk after a 'run' period left me wanting to keep going. But agree that on reflection sticking strictly to the programme would have saved over-running. Don't think walking for a minute midway constitutes not finishing the run, though it doesn't help in terms of self-actualisation. The fish supper will be the next milestone on my way to doing LeJog over the summer! Or in my case being a Scot, it should be JogLe



oooh fish n chips man... Brilliant motivation :) good luck with the sport relief run tomorrow


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