complete,finished,done it!!!

hi all,i have graduate !! i started in november and inbetween sore knees and a bout of the man flu tonight i completed my last run of week so many on this forum i have not posted a great deal but have every day looked on in here and taken great inspiration and enthusiasm into my running from all your posts so a big thanks to you all,any pointers on how to go forwards without listening to laura will be greatfully recieved.i spoilt myself with a new garmin fr 10 for week 9 and am so pleased that my last run of the podcast i completed 5k in 27 mins 27 seconds wich i have been smiling about for the last 3 hours.its not just the fitness but mentally i am feeling fantastic...ok now for my graduates badge.... please.

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  • Congratulations!!!

  • many thanks viaM

  • Congratulations!!!! I have no advice only being at week 6, but well done it must feel awesome! Enjoy and keep smiling πŸ˜ƒ

  • thanks northern spirit, hope your enjoying does feel awesome and keep going ,good luck

  • Wow adsez, that is an amazing distance and time for a graduation run. Wow, very, very impressive!

  • thanks tomas,im really pleased and to graduate is such a great feeling

  • That's fantastic and an amazing time! Many congratulations!

  • thanks parky park,i feel great

  • We done and a great time. Parkrun next ?

  • thanks henpen,i have been thinking about the park run or a running group to keep me going maybe?

  • big congatulations :D

  • Thanks Rob

  • That's a brilliant fabulous time, so envious, and envious of your Garmin too! You need to ask here for your badge

    Happy running

  • Thanks curly girl thanks for the link for badges.

  • Congratulations to you ! Great innit ? :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy..yes its great.

  • Hi Adsez, wheres your badge ? You gotta have the badge - have you requested it ? :-) xxx

  • Hi poppy,I have just done it looking forward to my grad badge.

  • Congratulations - fantastic achievement in making the 5k in under 30 mins too. 5k+ runs are next for you, complete with Larua. Then I would try running 'naked' without music or Laura. It definitely feels odd at first, but opens up a whole new world!

  • Thankyou,I will have a look at 5k+ as for running with no music or Laura would seem strange but will give it a go

  • Congratulations on your graduation ! x

  • Thankyou, its a good feeling

  • Oooh theres your badge ! Looking good ! :-)

    When I graduated , I just had to keep logging in, just to look at that badge next to my name ha ha :-D xxx

  • Just had my first look at my garaduate badge....looks good lol

  • Amazing, congrats!!

  • Thanks, it feels great

  • Whoop whoop! well done and good luck with the 5K+

  • I like the whoop whoop lol...thanks maturelady

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