W8R2: bad run 😕

Was hoping yesterday's cold cloudy weather would persist, but woke up this morning to bright blue skies and a shining sun. Got out at 9am, new tunes on my playlist hoping for a repeat of Friday's really good one. But it just didn't happen for me. I'd gone to bed feeling mildly p***ed off at a small domestic thing, and those thoughts and feelings were lingering this morning. About a minute in I was overtaken by a middle aged bloke, who I saw a couple of other times like some kind of physical reminder of my slowness. Anyway, was plodding round without particularly enjoying it, possibly a bit on the fast side, and got to the new bit of my route, which is a Tarmac path that takes me back across the common on a slight upwards incline. I found this new part of the run tough on Friday but got through it. Today it just defeated me. Maybe because I remembered it was tough and got scared. I got about half way along and just felt there was no gas in the tank (breathing and legs were fine), I was probably about 20 mins in at this point, so I slowed to walking for maybe a minute, no more than that, picked it up again and got to the other side of the main road where I have to do yet another long slow incline (which I've done a bazillion times now) - it's just two or three minutes of grinding it out and then it's all gravy. Anyway, couldn't face running it, so paused Laura and walked until I was back on the flat, then restarted and ran the rest of the run, about 7 minutes or so, but it was no fun at all.

All in my head I think. I have a bit of a structural problem with my route in that there's a fair bit of downhill in the first third (easy to pick up pace without intending to) and a fair bit of uphill in the last third when I'm starting to tire. I live half way up one of London's biggest hills, so properly flat routes are difficult to find. I know I can do it though. I will go out there again on Tuesday and do it. And if today wasn't perfect, it was at least more running in my legs.

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  • It really is hard when you have a p!ssy one not to let it consume you.

    You know you're better than today, too many factors against you, but you went and faced it anyway and it's ticked off the list.

    No repeats really required at this stage, I'm sure you'll go out all guns blazing for the next one and bag it.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you. I'm determined to keep on x

  • At least you got out there and did your best, I think we all have bad runs at some point.  Good luck for the next run, you are so close to graduation!

  • Vivster, you're doing amazingly well - this is a very minor blip and you'd sorted out the reasons for it by the end of your own post :)

    You'll ace this and be graduated in no time at all (probably before I'm off the sodding IC).

    Take care xx

  • Thank you barmy. I hadn't realised you're injured. Take care and I hope you get back out there soon. x

  • I'm not - annoyingly, I've not even had so much as a stitch so far.  I have a hideous cold and it's all on my chest, no chance of running for a while.  Get yourself back out there, my lovely and you'll be done in no time x

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • Tough one today Vivster, not a great time to start a new route, distractions you do'nt need, but you came through it well done. I ran w8 r2 today and when I turned at the half way point the wind hit me full on in the face, I had to turn to the side to breathe.

    Keep possitive we will soon be there!

  • At least you did it. And as we all know every now and then there's a bad run, sometimes for no reason, sometimes we know why. It would be lovely to bottle that lovely feeling when everything clicks and you have the feeling you're flying and can go on for ever. But instead we have to just keep going out there! The next run will be better - and graduation is just round the corner! 

    I remember W8R2 well - it was actually my slowest run (deliberate). I realised on that run that if I slowed right down I could run any distance I wanted (that's what it felt like!). It felt really smooth and good. I was VERY slow though! It was a good thing to discover. 

  • Ah! Sounds like the universe conspired against you in that one... You'll nail it next time!

  • I intend to. I was just in a pissy mood this morning.

  • Haha! Only a runner wakes up grumpy because it's a sunny day!

    Just a bad run, but better than none. You'll be fine next time!

  • Come on Vivster nearly there 😀😀😀.

  • I've had a couple of bad runs always involving those pesky hills! Could you do your route the other way round taking that first hill really slow? You know you can do it though! Good luck for your next run :) 

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