Cold stopped play :-(

Arrggh!! I'm on week nine this week, and I've got the most awful cold and a cough so I can't run. Really disappointed! So close but so far... I think a run in week 8 on a cold damp day when I had the start of a cold didn't help, it seems to have given me a chesty cough now. Anyone else found that running on cold dam days does this? I guess you shouldn't run if you are under the weather. Hope I'm better soon so I can complete week nine and I don't lose motivation...


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  • I think some of my current leg problems may be due to running in freezing conditions. Not only is it bloody cold on your thighs, my motion has to change a bit to avoid slipping over on the ice. Nice to see it's warming up a bit now ... when I drag my sorry a**e of the injury couch hopefully I won't have to get the skates out again!

  • I feel very 'out of action' at the moment! So close but so far. Hope your injury heals soon! x

  • Oh how frustrating for you when you're so close. Take good care of yourself and you'll be out there again before you know it and have that graduate badge by your name. Good luck!

  • Thank you, I do feel very frustrated! It's a horrible bug though, just got to let it run its course (excuse the pun!!) and then I can get running again too. Sooo want to get my graduate badge!

  • I do understand your frustration. Rest assured that many of us took far longer than 9 weeks to complete C25K. Be prepared to take it very easy when you get going again and make sure that you're fully recovered before you do so.

  • Thank you. I know I should take things easy and I'll have to! I will wait until I'm fully recovered, thank you x

  • Share your frustration - really annoying for you. So sensible not to push yourself 'tho. Don't worry, I'm sure your motivation won't go! So close now.

  • Thank you, I appreciate the support x Love your dog by the way!

  • Thanks - nearly 15 years old but tragically we had to have her put down 3 weeks ago - my heart is broken.

  • Oh I am so, so sorry. It literally is heartbreaking. A member of the family, and one that just never stopped loving you every single day. You have my sympathies x

  • Oh how sad for you - fellow feeling. Our first beloved Golden was put down at the age of 15 1/2 years. Sad but she had had a good long life.

    Are you going to get another dog?

  • Yes, exactly that. I think I used the photo about a week before she died - otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to look at it. Luckily its not a very close up photo. Thanks again - I'm going away to cry now (!). Happy running.

  • ((((Big hugs)))) xxxx

  • Completely sympathize. I graduated in November, then got the horrid lurgy which stopped me running for a couple of weeks, then it was Christmas and I was just getting back to Wk 9 standard and now my bloomin' knee is hurting so I think it is a trip to the physio for me. I'm tempted to carry on but don't want to end up doing more damage.

    I was worried my motivation would fizzle out and I would go backwards, but I am so annoyed not to be running ... so that must mean my motivation is still there! I shall be so annoyed with myself if I just let this new-found enjoyment of running drain away.

    I would say don't push yourself when you are ill - I think the 'above the neck, carry on - below the neck, stop' rule is a good one. I was pleasantly surprised when I started running again after the lurgy that my fitness was still there - it had not faltered as much as I thought it would.

  • Thanks KellyWillow, really sorry to hear you have damaged your knee. Do you think that was from running? Hope the physio can sort it for you. At the moment I know I would be coughing and wheezing too much to run, so I'm really trying to rest and stay warm and get rid of this bug as fast as I can. Just can't believe it's in week nine! Hopefully as you say I will not lose too much fitness or motivation. Take care Andrea xx

  • Not sure whether it is the running - I don't think so because I injured my left leg a few years ago and it is a 'weak spot'. I'm resting for a few days because it felt a bit worse when I last went for a run so I think I'll go to the physio just to check I'm not doing any damage by running and also to get the right set of exercises to put it right/help. Our GP has a physio who you can make an appointment with directly which is really helpful (no tedious visit to GP first followed by a wait for an appointment). Hope you feel better soon.

  • Ooh, what a great GP service! Good luck with that. I've just made another LemSip. My dogs are fed up with me not taking them for long runs, they are getting full of mischief!

  • Thanks for your kind words you two. Andrea - what dogs do you have? As I said before, my biggest nightmare would be being ill or injured as its my birthday in week 9 for me, so I'll be really sad (again!) if I can't graduate that week. You'll probably find you'll spring back with so much gusto after your few days off and sail through graduation feeling so much better than being exhausted and worn down from the 9 weeks gruel - lets hope so anyway! Kelly - I've always had black labs, although this is the first one I've had of my own (as apart from when living at home). Our 2nd dog was bought within about 2 days of losing our first. But this time, I'm not going to rush into another - sorry big ramble here..... (a) my husband has never been keen on dogs, so no support there (b) we're trying to move house so not a good idea until we're settled (c) I got so exhausted at the end as she needed a lot of attention (early mornings / regular trips outside / medication / tempting with food / wandering around and wouldn't settle) - she hadn't been right for 10 months - but absolutely perfect in herself, just elderly so no question of letting her go before we did and (d) as she was so much part of my life, I just feel I can't replace her yet. Sorry, am going away to be miserable now before I burst into tears all over the computer. We buried her ashes a couple of weeks ago on a favourite walk and planted bluebells over the spot. Haven't been back since, but looking forward to seeing them in May. Boo, hoo. (Thanks for being there to listen to my outpouring and understand) Isn't this a wonderful forum even 'tho I have gone off piste a bit. Week 7, r3 on Fri - I'm catching you up Andrea!!

  • Yay, good luck with week 7, run 3! How lovely to plant bluebells where your girlie lays, that will be so beautiful in the spring. I lost my horse that I'd had for 20+ years last May and it broke my heart, but I'd had to work so hard and pay out so much to keep her well (she was 31) (vets bills, food bills, lots of petrol to visit her frequently) and now that she has gone, if I am perfectly honest I'm not missing all the work I had to do. I miss her so much it hurts though. That's why I've got time to run now and I run round some of the bridle paths I used to ride her on. I take my dogs with me usually. They are two little white crossbreeds, but we do a lot with them - particularly agility as they are little pocket rockets and that's why I need to get fitter, to keep up with them! You will get a new dog when the time is right I'm sure, in the meantime, let yourself grieve and your heart heal a little bit. When you can think of her without crying, and the memories make you smile, you will be half way there. Andrea x

  • Gosh, what kind words and such understanding. I know exactly what you mean about the hurt but also the work and the expense. With a horse I would imagine its even worse - and ofcourse 31 years - older than a child. Thank you and hope you're feeling better today - annoying isn't it when one is supposedly fit. I had 3 colds around Christmas time - one after the other in the space of about 4 weeks - I hadn't had a cold for about a decade - obviously all stress. Spring is just around the corner. Hope to see you running again very soon. x

  • Thanks Buffy, I'm drinking so much garlic, honey and lemon tea today that nobody will want to come near me! I think I do feel a bit better though but I bet it's a couple of weeks before my chest has recovered enough for me to run. I'll get there though! Have a lovely weekend x

  • Garlic, yes that's perfect. We've just had 2 sticks of mega-strong garlic bread. We grow our own garlic and it needs eating up - so we're overdosing on it at the moment. Keeps the neighbours away! And honey and lemon - you sound just like me - that's my remedy too. Should sort you out. Actually, I've just realised you said you are DRINKING garlic, honey and lemon - do you put crushed garlic in your honey and lemon drink? Never heard of that before - does it taste alright?

  • I'm going to the Britain's Got Talent auditions tomorrow to see a friend perform with her dog (so exciting!) and I've already warned everyone that the car will stink of garlic on the way there. But I'm determined to go, so I will do whatever it takes! :-)

  • Gosh, that is exciting. Good luck to her. Have a fun time - you do seem to be enjoying life.

  • I try! Six months of treatment for breast cancer in 2012 made me determined to keep enjoying life. All is well now though thankfully! xx

  • Well done you - enjoy every minute you're right. Have a lovely weekend too and I look forward to reading of your graduation in the next few weeks.

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