Dealing with post-run sleepiness

I normally run in the morning, before breakfast, and find quite a lot of my morning is wiped out through recovery. Sometimes I will get in the bath and stay there a long time, on other ocassions I have curled up with a book. I am lucky in that I am semi retired and can usually arrange work and commitments to allow a decent recovery time on the weekdays when I run.

This morning, I needed to work. I was scheduled to do W6R3. I got up at 6am, went out before it got light, did the run ok, came home, showered and had breakfast, and should have been ready to start work by 8:30. But that nagging little voice said have a little lie down first and before I knew it, it was 10am. I have a block of work on a client site coming up, where I won't be able to give in to the temptation to rest up.

How do others deal with this? Will it go away when my body is more used to running?


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10 Replies

  • Thank you for asking this question, I will follow it with great interest as I too feel so tired and sleepy after a run. I usually run at 9am and then I have to work and, more often than not, I almost fall asleep on the keyboard of my computer... I am not experienced at all, just did W5R1, so hoping to get over it soon!

  • I am glad it's not just me!

  • I find if I just keep moving i do better, so I start cleaning the apartment or anything where I dont stop moving or doing. Try a coffee after your run or on the odd occassion I have even done some exercises on my stability ball afterwards.I also have a much longer cool down walk back to the apartment but I am lucky as its very warm (in santiago), so a nice stroll afterwards is nice but it means I am out a minimum of a hour.

    Having said all of that your body is still adjusting and it will get better at recovering after a run. I would say if you are really struggling maybe speak with your gp.

  • Thanks Vixchile, I don't think there's a health problem, it's more about having strategies so I don't give in to the temptation to curl up for an hour or so. Maybe the couple of weeks working away will force me to adjust my habits. Unfortunately I will be in SE Asia where I can only really run on the hotel treadmill (constant 33 degree C steam bath outside).

  • I am usually full of beans and energy after a run, and since I run at about 8 or 9 in the morning I take advantage and go a bit loony with housework and chores.

    Just occasionally though I have a day when I am completely wiped out. This usually coincides with realising the next day or so that I am fighting off a virus or a bug of some kind (definitely worse in the winter), and when I'm back on form again I get the energy back.

    I think the secret is not to sit down after your shower (but if your work means sitting in front of your computer for the rest of the day that's not a very helpful suggestion, is it?!).

  • I'm finding that I've got bags of energy after my morning run, but by evening I just cannot keep my eyes open! I'm nodding off on the sofa by about 8.30pm! The good thing is I'm definitely sleeping better at night since I started running - completely dead to the world as soon as my head hits the pillow and nothing will wake me up...

  • This probably sounds a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it's actually meant seriously:

    If you generally feel tired after running, how about running at a time of the day where it's not a bad thing to feel tired afterwards. Don't fight your body, but adapt your routine to suit it.

    So maybe it would suit you better to run later in the day when you have already achieved the things you need to do.

    That said, you do get less tired (if you stick to the same distance at the same speed) when your body is more used to running. The problem is that most of us decides to up either distance or speed at some point, and then you're back at the tiredness issue.

  • I can't have a bath without falling asleep so I always shower after a run. Also as the others have said, don't sit still. Even if you're tapping your feet or fingers, keep moving!

  • Thank you everyone. My next run is FrIday so I will try keeping moving afterwards. If I am sleepy in the evening I will know who to blame!

  • Tomas' suggestion of trying a different time sounds interesting. I run after work and look forward to it all day so that is really motivating. Love the idea of running before work but I am not a morning person at all! Tonight (W6R1) was at 7.30pm - it's midnight now and I'm ready to drift off...

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