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So, I went out and did a 5k tempo run on my way to Spin. I am doing a challenge of 2015km in 2015 which is fairly unrelenting in terms of missing days. The outward leg was fine but the return, running uphill into the wind was properly hard work. Got to the gym huffing and blowing, let alone 'warmed-up', only to find I was 110m short of 5k so sprinted around the carpark a bit until Mlle Garmin went ping. Was surprised and very pleased was only 2 mins slower than yesterday's 5k PB interval session. This speed work is really paying dividends.

Then did 45 mins of spin. Cardiowise was absolutely fine, sialed through it, but my word did I feel it in my quads on the hillclimbs.

Then ran home the long way, another 3k. I say 'ran' beacuse by this time my legs felt like they had been done over with hammers. Having looked at my splits when I go home I was more than 90 sec/km slower than on the first run. Had to inhale a cashew butter sandwich as soon as I got in, and had a less than comfortable foam roll before the bliss of warm bath.

Feel positively glowing now. Legs will be stiff in the morning I expect but just have an easy recovery pace 10k to do on dead flat route tomorrow. Kids finally in bed so am going to curl up on sofa with pot of tea and good book (biog of Chris Brasher - hurrah!)

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Hello there Rignold. :-)

No matter how good a runner one might be, a spin class will always be exhausting. I've only ever done one but good grief, the uphill sprints were a killer! Well done on your exceptional effort in running, spinning and running!

Your 2015 challenge is a great one; I wish you all the best with it - keep us updated! I'm doing something similar, though involving days rather than distance - I'm running every single day in 2015. 365 days, 365 runs. :D Sounds like your challenge is every bit as intense - good luck! :-)


365/365!! wow! that's challenging in the extreme.

I only have to average 5.5k a day to hit my target. Can't afford any long stretches on the injury couch but as I do a 10k and a longer run (15+. working up for marathon training) each week, it gives me a bit a bit of leeway for occasional days off. I do run every day at the moment, but did take a day off last week as my legs were feeling really strained - it was actually due to spending two whole days working in tower blocls constantly going up and down the stairs that did it, rather than my training, in fact. I do have some pretty brutal obstacle course races coming up though, which I can see myself needing a rest day after.

But you have no margin for injury at all... are you taking special injury avoidance precautions?


Ah but my dear Rig, the stairs will help build strength quite quickly! :-) As long as you're careful and don't try overdoing it by playing catch-up if you miss a couple of runs, you'll be fine. It's a great challenge though. :-) Are you having little rewards along the way? Each time I get to 50 days of running, I'm treating myself to a nice shiny new piece of running gear, as both reward and motivation. Maybe a similar Running Treat Scheme (RTS) for you, when you hit each 500K or so?

No, I've no leeway at all for injury or illness; the best I can do is to have an easy week, which I will do anyway as injury prevention. Just something like a mile as the shortest run will do. Miss a run and it's game over! Even if I have an awful cold, I'll be out for that mile run! :D Only the second week in and I'm averaging about 30 miles per week, but it'll increase as we get closer to marathon time. Other that reduction weeks, I'm seeing my physio frequently (was there today for a good calf and foot massage) and doing a load of foam rolling.

Hope the 10K went well! :-)


the 10k became a 12k in fact. Was a real grind on the way out into strong headwind, but on the return leg had a magical moment: a vast murmuration of starlings went over at treetop height, directly over me. Hundreds of thousands of them. The largest I have ever seen. I could not see the sides and it went on for nearly three minutes ( I had to stop and stare in awe, and left Garmin running). It was as if I was engulfed by them. Quite the most beautiful and magical thing that has happened to me while running. The joys of running in a bird reserve.

59.92km this week so ahead of target at the moment. I like the idea of the RTS. Will have to ponder that.

Weight traing programme starts in earnest this week. It is funny how before I started running I always doubted it would be possible to find 30 minutes 3 times a week...

Right, off to carry on my love/hate De Sadean affair with the foam roller.


Gosh that sounds really frenetic! You'd be ready for your pot of tea after that lot. Let me know how the book goes. I do love a biog. I read the Scott Jurek one and just finished the Dean Karnazes 50-50.


Ooh, is the Scott Jurek worth reading? My favourite is Richard Askwith's 'feet in the clouds'. I reckon there's scope for a c25k book club.


Scott Jurek's Eat and Run is one of my favourite running biogs. I have read it several times and have the audio book version on my iPhone as well. Some excellent vegan runnig food recipes in there too.


Blimey Rig, that's some hardcore exercise you did there, no wonder your quads were complaining. Good luck with your challenge m'dear -you and Miles_Yonder are cut from the same cloth, methinks :)


I take my hat off to you - that is one impressive challenge. It puts my 500 miles for my 50th in 2015 in the shade!! Best of luck


Gosh even my legs felt all if that! That is some Friday night! Hope you have a good 10km


The scott jurek is a good read. I liked the recipes too and took a lot of health and nutrution snippets from it although not a vegan or vegetarian but they made me want to try them as it's clear he loves good food. I also bought a pair of his Brooks Cascadia shoes, well not his actual shoes, just that he helped to design them He is very single-minded so he comes across as self obsessed as does Dean K but i suppose that what it takes to be one of the best


Wow, that sounds like a serious workout and a serious fitness regime. Well done, Rignold!


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