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Week1 completed

Just to say that I managed my third run of week 1 today a brilliant sunny day,cold so gloves came in handy.New running shoes excellent. Only thing is I seemed to be able to 'run' only really slowly more like a gentle jog.i felt as if I was very heavy when striking the pavement although I am not that heavy weightwise.at 10 stone 7 .I worry that my 'technique' is all wrong. I would be grateful to receive advice on this matter many thanks

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Well done. Running shoes REALLY make a difference. I couldn't believe the difference. It is best to go slowly as I have found out, speed will come in time. Just enjoy it and relax. It is a fabulous programme and you CAN do it. Keep running.


slow is perfectly ok here :D there is all sorts of advise about form etc ,it is ealry days yet so dont worry to much , you will get better as time goes on :D keep at it


Well done...Yep, slow is good! One tip I heard about running style is to imagine you are running on wet sand and are trying to leave minimal footprints.

All the best :-)


Well done. Exciting to be on week 2 already. Go as slow as you like - anything above a walk is all that's required. But always make sure you do the allocated distance without stopping, unless you absolutely can't, then the advice is to repeat the stage. Listen to Laura - she's amazing!

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Laura will tell you when you walk and when to run so don't worry. Just do what comes naturally but do it slowly. Breathe normally


Hi Ezra, you have started the program and that's great. Take confidence from the replies you have received. The pace doesn't matter. You will build on that later. Your style will improve naturally. Mind you, have you seen Paula Radcliffes style and she was a great runner. Keep going mate.


Yes well done for getting started, and for getting the proper shoes. Everyone starts slowly, the thing is to complete the runs not try to go fast. Carry on doing what you're doing, listen to Laura, she'll look after you!


Hi Ezra, and great start!

I know what you mean about feeling so heavy landing. I did the first 2 weeks then had to stop with a sprained ankle. I am hoping to start again next week. I feel like I weigh a ton when I land, and then see these other runners passing looking like gazelles, they run so lightly. I feel like a sack of potatoes :o , but am not huge, about your weight.

Maybe it comes with more strength and practice?? I hope so :)

Wishing you lots more happy running :)


Many thanks for your post. So glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels like a sack of spuds,Luckily for me I live in a remote area ,no sign of gazelles,rather no sign of anyone,,,


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