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Progress Report: Week1 Run5

I have done the week 1 run 5 times (almost 2 weeks of it). And I am now at a full 60 seconds on 3 of the runs, 50 on a couple more: i found my self stopping just before Laura spoke up and regretting it. One was only about 30, but the path is narrow down by the old mill, and too slippery to go round the lady with a cane and 5 tiny dogs zipping about on leashes without risk of some or all of us going into the River Kelvin! So the last run, since it was downhill anyway, i kept on a bit more to make up for it!

Sunday will be my wk 1 run 6. i suspect it might take me another whole week to really feel like 60 seconds is comfortable rather than just do-able.

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First of all well done for sticking at it it is very hard when you first start, my advice would be to keep running till Laura says stop. Believe me I know how hard that is when you feel like your lungs are going to explode and your legs are like lead but keep pushing through to the end is the way to move to the next week xxxx also is it possible you maybe running a little too fast? And your tiring yourself out so the last few runs are worse and that's why your not making it?


No, not running too fast LOL. My starting point was just that bad. I havent run more than a dash across the street since i last had gym in school--over 30 years ago. And i weigh almost double what i weighed then.

Slow and steady, thats my plan.


Oh good! But I would still try and push through for the whole 60 seconds coz when you push you increase your fitness xxxxx it's what got me to 20 minutes and 25 minutes solid jogging xxxx


Trust me, ive been pushing! The first day, i barely did half of not even all of the runs. I would have quit if there werent so many posts from strugglers, so much support for them, and reports of eventual success.


Good xxxx well little by little you'll get there xxx


Try not to worry about it Nilzed. The weather at the moment is against you, but it is still doable. Make sure you have plenty to drink before, take it slowly - it's not a race, and if you are managing more than half to the end and just shy on the others, week 2 may be worth a try. I couldn't manage the last but one of the first two weeks. Laura's tips and the gradual increases really help and before you know it you are running much longer successfully.


No worries, this is actually a proud announcement that i have kept it up, i can see progress, and can picture the next stage. This IS happening. thanks.

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Nilzed ... I started C25k over 3 weeks ago and am still on week 1! I'm 67 and haven't run for 50 years so there's no way I'm rushing myself. I'm getting better but the first 2 or 3 times I found that when I got to the 4th minute I was struggling and only managed about 30 secs, so I did a brisk walk until it was time to go again and managed the rest fairly easily.

The 'no pain, no gain' thing is rubbish. Listen to your body - you're asking it to do something it's not used to - don't make it do something that will cause injury.

On Thursday the going was very muddy - like running uphill through treacle - and I only managed 6.5 minutes. My legs just wouldn't do any more :(

I plan to keep doing week 1 until I feel really 'comfortable' with it. I'd hoped to go to W2 on Monday but after that experience it'll be W1 again.

I don't think it matters how long we spend on each 'week' .....hey! we're out there. So just keep on keeping on :D


Yep, i discovered if i push too hard, all i do is end up too winded to begin again 90 seconds later. By the third day, i had figured out that for me, , hitting each start matters more than getting to every end. Does that make sense? Gradually, each run is getting longer and i am making it all the way through more of them. Monday I should get through those i stopped just short of on Friday. Next Friday, i may well run (ok, jog) all of them.

The ability to appreciate small improvements is the big plus with this program to me. I think i am finally accepting the mindset of doing things in smaller steps instead of one exhausting push. Not just fitness, a lot of things.


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