Week1 run1..........crikey

Well I downloaded the app. Did my first "run" today, that was hard work. I know I was unfit, but quite a shock to realise by how much😮

Please tell me it's gets easier and I will eventually enjoy this running lark!

One quick question, I've chosen my trainer(Sarah Millican), but her voice instructions were out of sync with the time on my phone. anyone had this issue?


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12 Replies

  • Hi Jackdog, I can't help with the syncing as I use the podcast, but believe me it does get easier 🙂 I'm on week 4 and managed the runs quite easily.... when I struggled with week 1 so much!

  • Thanks, I'm thinking of taking the dog next time. He can drag me along🐾

  • I take my Labrador but she's off lead as she likes to stop and sniff too much!

  • Well done for starting. It does get better, honestly, i am so unfit but have just finished wk3 and looking forward to wk4! Something i never thought possible.

  • It gets easier. I remember my first week and thought "never going do this", but I have just graduated, with guts and determination and an awful lot of encouragement from my sister, I (we) did it. keep going it worth it. Good luck and try to enjoy!!!

  • well done for getting started, it definitely gets easier, your body just needs to get used to it first, but it is totally worth every painful second of the first run, the second for me was a lot easier. Take it slow and steady, give yourself a huge pat on the back for making the decision and running that first gruelling run and try strength and flexibility podcasts if you haven't already. Keep it up, you CAN do this :)

  • Keep going and everything will build up gradually. I think the hardest part is when you first start, my body was saying wow what are you doing!! I've just completed week 3 and I must admit I look forward? to my next run (never thought I'd say that. Good luck you can do it xx

  • Well done for starting! It does get easier as your body adapts to it. I've just started week 3. I thought I was going to die on my first attempt at week 1!

  • I used the Laura podcasts and then the zenlabs app to play with my own music. Yes the first week is really the hardest and a shock! Take it slow and it will be ok. Lots of good help here on this forum.

  • Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. I know I wasn't as fit as I used to be but, it was quite a shock as to how unfit I really was. I will try again tomorrow and fingers crossed it will feel a bit better. I will also increase the length of the dog walks as that will help.......poor dog🐾

  • Well done jackdog - it does get easier- you'll be surprised how your body adapts.

  • I felt exactly the same on week one. I'd run 10k's before then hadn't run fir about a year. It was such a shock to struggle with a run walk. But it does get better. I'm now on week 8 and running 28 mins. Im still slower than I used to be but the stamina is there and I'm enjoying running again. Just follow the plan and you'll get there.

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