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Completed week1 - still finding it hard :(

I completed week 1 today in the park near my place. My last run was as hard as my first run. The only positive difference was my walks were at near normal pace instead of sluggish pace like they were on the first run. But still the walks are not brisk at all :(

I am not really sure I am doing good or bad or if it is supposed to be this hard. I didn't expect it to be a walk in the park (no pun intended) but I thought it'd get kinda easier. May be I am expecting too much too early, after all I am overweight and my legs need to bear the extra weight.

On to week2 on Thursday or Friday me thinks. Really tempted get a huge cheesecake to celebrate week 1 lol, but I think that will defeat the purpose.

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You are doing very well! Because u starting to do something for yourself.

Well Done and trust in yourself you can do this :)


well done on getting through week1 - there're so many times when it is easy to forget why you have decided to do this & these early weeks can be tough, but it is all part of a plan - & a plan which really does work. If you don't think you have improved much, well you've just described the walks as less sluggish than they were on your first session - well that sounds like an improvement to me!


Welcome anand! Yes, it is tough - you are asking a heck of a lot of your body, a body that isn't used to all this activity! But just keep plodding on, you said yourself that you can see a difference in your walking speed. I don't think anyone here would ever say it gets easier. Things begin to come together and you get faster/run further as you progress and (hopefully!) you start to enjoy it more and more - but easier? Not sure... not judging by my run today...! ;-)

Make sure you're not pushing yourself too hard - 'slow and steady' is the motto and it really is true. Speed is not what it's about at this point, endurance is the key, building stamina and using those muscles that have had it far too easy for far too long!

Just keep going - it really is worth it. :-)


I'd say it DOES get easier. I'm about to finish week 3 and am also overweight and not used to exercise but it has now stopped hurting so much. The week 2 runs are not a lot longer than the week 1 runs so it doesn't feel to big a step up. I'm now managing 3 min runs in week 3 after struggling with 1 min on week 1.

Keep with it. As your joints and muscles get used to it it WILL feel easier and you will feel fitter and more positive about keeping going :)


You are doing WELL! You said your walks are stronger than at first so you are improving. The best advice I listened to was slow and steady at first. It isn't meant to be easy but it IS doable. You'll start finding it feeling easier very soon. Trust us, we've all been through where you are at and it will soon feel a great deal better for you. WELL DONE for getting started! Celebrate with the cheesecake - but only as a one off!


Well done, keep going. I struggled with the first couple of weeks but have now completed week five. I still can't believe that I've gone from struggling to run for a minute to running for 20 mins. You will find that you are able to run for longer and I even found this week that I could run quicker when doing the 20 mins. I too am very over weight but losing inches as I progress through the plan. Keep up the good work, you will see progress I promise, and keep blogging on here, you'll get lots of support.


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