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Is anybody else struggling with the wind?! It’s absolutely insane out there! At one point I genuinely thought I was going to get completely blown over along with all the fence panels I’ve seen! 😂 There’s an exercise we do at karate training sometimes - somebody will stand behind us and hold onto our belts while we try and move forward using our strength and our bodies momentum. And that is what running in this wind feels like! 😂 still! It’s always a good feeling when I beat the crazy weather and persevere with a run! :) I can’t wait for a nice calm day with lovely a gentle breeze! It’ll be the most blissful run!

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Like cycling, running against a strong wind is hard, today is very windy so well done to you HexGirl on that run you ran in the gale.

Yes was a bit blustery today!

I was thinking the same today. I almost couldn't catch my breath! Tomorrow is a new day... I'm going to sleep at the sound of plant pots blowing around right now 😂


I had trouble walking in the wind today 🌬️🍃💨🚶‍♀️nearly got blown over

Yes!! I had this the other day, I was running in one direction what felt like against it with hair blowing backwards. I then changed to the opposite direction halfway and it continued to feel like I was running against it with my hair still blowing backward!!!! It made no sense!!

Oh yes. I had 40+ mph winds this morning with some rain thrown in for good measure. By 'eck, it stings the face and eyes! I did it though, and as always, the rain came in at the furthest point from my car, and where there is no shelter on the open moor. A bundled up dog walker came the other way, as did another runner, both of whom looked at with with 'interest' as I was in just my shorts and long-sleeve T shirt.How windy was it for you, and which week are you on? Do you go out bundled, or more sensibly dressed? We have a forecast for dry, sunny and still weather on Friday AM. It will be chilly, so I may wear long legs to save my knees, and a slightly thicker top and possibly take gloves with me.

Stay safe and keep running.

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