Week 5 Run 3

So I have come to the dreaded 20 minute run! On the first run of this week I found it so hard for whatever reason and was so disheartened yet I had such a good second run where I hardly got to the point where I was just screaming to stop. I don't really know why. But looking back its incredible how I have come from hardly being able to run for 60 second to completing the length of running in week 1 twice! So in theory I should be able to do this 20 minute run but I am so scared! Has anyone got any tips they can share?


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  • You need to do three things: go slow; go slow; go slow. I was lucky when I did the 20 minute run last Friday: there was a bit of snow and quite a lot of ice, so I had no option but to go slowly. Go for it! (Slowly).

  • That has been my motto throughout ever since the first runs where I ran way to fast and could hardly do any of it!

  • We Johns are always right! :) Your body is more ready than your mind, so just take it very gently, and you'll succeed. You're not in a race, you're in an endurance event, and you can't fail if you go slowly. All us graduates have been just where you are, and we've all completed week 5, and so will you! Go for it, slow and steady is the answer! And report back please, and tell us you did it!

  • Thanks! What do people really mean by a mental challenge though?

  • Because there's often a battle with your mind - it says stuff like "this is too difficult, you can't do it" even while your body IS doing it! I've found my mind to be my biggest enemy, and I'm happiest running when my mind is distracted by scenery, leaving my body to do it's thing.

  • Oh I get you! Yep that is definitely an issue!

  • Don't be scared. Ignore the hype. I did run 3 of week 5 tonight, in the dark, in 0 degrees and the feeling afterwards is fantastic. The jump seems huge but you are well prepared. In lots of ways the earlier runs were harder because I hadn't proved to myself I could be successful at running for even 1 or 3 minutes. Now you know you can do it. Just go slowly and think of the satisfaction.

    Good luck.

  • Well Done on doing it!I think that is what i'm going to have to think of! I know I will be so disappointed in myself if I stop!

  • I'm on the 20 min run on Fri. So all I will say Katie is you have done 2lots of 8mins with a 5 min walk. Just focus and if need be just slow down. We can do this no problems focus and run. Regards J

  • Thanks! I will probably end up being slower than a snail!

  • Doesn't matter Katie we can do it

  • Hi Katie, I was just having a giggle at the tags on your post ha ha :-)

    Right , * serious face on * I am sure I can speak for myself and a whole lot of folks on here who felt exactly the same. It does seem a major step up running for 20 minutes, but this programme is progressive, all the previous runs have laid the foundations for this one and the ones to follow.

    This is as much a mental challenge as a physical one, you can do this Katie, you really can !

    Deep breaths, dont panic, take it slow and steady and trust in Laura and the programme.

    The feeling on completing this run is absolutely amazing .

    Dont let self doubt and those head gremlins tell you that you cant do it. It is do-able and you are more than capable of doing this

    Good Luck, and I look forward to reading your post telling us all about your success ! xxx

  • I think I just have to believe in myself! Everyone says how good the feeling is so if I think of the end and how disappointed I would be if I stopped! I go through mini phases of when I'm running like sometimes i'll be wanting to stop badly and then two seconds later I'm like yeah I can do this!

  • Yes you can, if you can still breathe and nothings dropped off , keep going ! :-D

    Never Give up , Never Give In xxx

  • Mind over matter. There's no reason why you should stop...so don't. You know you can do 8 minutes, 2 more than that and you'll be halfway. Once you're halfway you might as well carry on to the end....C'mon...you can do it...

  • Thats definitely the way to do it! Thanks!

  • If it helps, break it down into chunks of five minutes. Tell yourself "right, that's the first 5 minutes done, now for another". Your mind knows it can do 5 minutes. And try singing the songs from your favourite musical and the time will fly by. It's what Jean Valjean would do ;) Good luck, Steve x

  • Thanks that's a good idea! I will certainly take the musical idea on!

  • You can get through it Katie. These folks are right; start out slow, then slow down if you need to...just keep moving. All of the sudden you feel good again and then bam! Time's up and you have done it :)

  • Thanks! Slow and steady wins the race!

  • Katie, you'll be able to do it. Just make sure that you go really slowly. Your speed does not matter. Running (jogging, trotting, crawling, whatever you like to call it) for the 20 minutes is the important thing. So, if you feel that you're out of breath then go slower, much slower to ensure that you complete the run. You've already managed an awful lot and when you complete wk5 run3 you will be beyond pleased with yourself. Enjoy the euphoria!

  • Thanks! I think slow is the best way to do it! I looking forward to the end!

  • I've got w5r3 on Friday. Like you I found run 1 this week very hard, but run 2 easier.

    I think it was because I was concentrating on my breathing. Knowing that the recovery walk was a long way away I knew I had to breathe deeply during the run, not deteriorate into fast shallow breaths then breathe deeply in the recovery walk.

    I guess with run 3 this is even more important. There's no recovery walk so we have to recover as we go along. We can do it!

  • Good luck to you as well! I think the other part of this week as at the beginning I missed heard what we had to do and I thought she said 8 minutes 5 minutes and then another 8 minutes for running so it turned out shorter!

  • I agree with the great advice above, and I'd add another thing that works for me - still! After a quick systems check - is anything *really* hurting or am I just whingeing - then I'll pick a point. Just to that next lamp post - but then, I have to get to the end of the track I'm listening to. Oh, but then, I'm nearly at that bridge, so I'll get to there. Okay - well, Laura is about to tell me I'm at 18 minutes and then I've nearly done it - etc. etc. etc. Whatever you do, remember you're doing brilliantly and you will succeed. You can do this!

  • The only problem with setting little goals like that is that when I get there I really want to stop. The thing with time is definitely useful though thanks!

  • I dreaded it and the only thing that kept me going was the thought that if I didn't finish it that time, I would have to do it again. I am now running for 30 - 40 mins relatively comfortably, by that I mean it is not easy but I do not think seriously about stopping. As a new (and quite old!) runner the biggest revelation to me was how much of this is mental/mind over matter etc. If you believe you can do it, you will and once you have done it once, you know you can do it again. And again.

  • Thanks! Thats definitely a good thing to think about as well as the fact that you can actually tell people you ran for 20 minutes!

  • I mentioned this on another post and as it's not something others have said I will add it here too. I am assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that it's winter where you are running. Wind (force and direction) seem a bigger issue to me than the actual temperature. Check a local forecast and if possible look at current readings on nearby weather beacons. Then plan your run so you are as sheltered as possible and don't have to run directly into the wind.

    f5 is about the tipping point between a comfortable and an uncomfortable run. The UK currently has NE wind bringing cold air from Poland (especially to the SE corner of thr UK). In the UK the prevailing Gulf Stream SW wind makes for an easier run.

  • reading this with attention as I've just done w5r1 - really helpful everyone. Genuine thanks.

    How did it go Katie?

  • It actually went really well! I don't know what it was but time seemed to fly past! I only felt like i really needed to stop right in like the last minute. I just had to keep telling myself about how disappointed I would be if I failed and say that it is possible and people have done it. Its a good idea to tell someone you are doing it as then you can prove to them that you actually can do it. Good Luck!

  • Hi. Be positive and don't go too fast. Pace yourself and tell yourself you can do it x

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