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Naughty patient

I should be on the naughty step really. I was sidelined at the end of December with a weird ankle injury, possibly to do with a previous fracture of the fibula following an accident on the dance floor (long story- 5 years ago I tried to have a dance off with a far superior gay man, though I think he stuck his foot out as I was reaching my twirling peak) so At Christmas i hobbled about for a week tried another run (limping) but then gave in and went to a physio for advice. REST it she said. WHAT, I CANT DO THAT. I said. Though I gave it s go after some stern advice from you good people out there. I've been swimming, I've been mountain biking. And the ankle has been settling so I tried a wee sneaky slow week 5 day 2 and guess what- I think it's healed. Well its clicking now, but definitely not sore. I'm even dreaming about running. I've gotta get back to the program, just hope she doesn't put me back on the naughty step tomorrow when I go for my review! ???

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Uh oh! Glad there's no pain and hopefully you get the all clear at your review :-)

Clicking sounds like something worth mentioning though? Maybe trying 'running' on an elliptical trainer might be a low impact version of running if you're not given the all clear just yet?

Fingers crossed you get the all clear though! :-) xxx


hmmm fingers crossed your review gives you positive news :D i broke and dislocated my ankle a good few years ago long before i started to run, plate and screws holding it together .. it is always at the back of my mind , starngely the doc said at the time i could back to running think he meant then not 20 yrs later !!!


Fingers crossed you get a clean bill of health! Here's to your first run back! Whoop whoop


Fingers crossed for you x


Update.... She says she's not sure now whether it is a stress fracture or bony bruising. So I've to go easy, and she said no running for two more weeks. ARGHHH. At this rate I'll be finishing the program in December 2016!!! Could be so tempted to go out anyway as it's not sore to run only tender over the bone, but my inner grown up says to stay put. I'm losing the will to live here people. Swimming this afternoon then, and then dinner and wine, purely for medicinal properties. Will I ever finish this, is my body ready for the scrap heap, should I consider taking up embroidery.......stay tuned for the next gripping instalment..........?


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