Naughty but nice

Now I know you're not supposed to run 2 days in a row. All of you, please listen - rest days are very important, do not run 2 days in a row! BUT I took today off and although Thursday's supposed to be a rest day what's a girl supposed to do when she has a whole day to do what she likes with? You've just got to run, haven't you? Even worse I planned my naughtiness. My runs on Monday and Wednesday were shorter than usual in preparation for a long run today. Yesterday evening I was feeling a bit achey and tired, work is a bit demanding at the moment and I was starting to feel the lack of sleep. I was really wondering if a long run today was a good idea.

But this morning I felt OK and it's not as if I'm on a programme where I HAVE to do something specific, I knew I could always go for a shorter run if I wanted to. Play it by ear. The weather here is awful (non-stop rain) with thunder storms threatened for this afternoon, so it had to be a morning run. Getting ready was a palaver because I had to keep my phone dry, yet still get to it. I ended up with it tucked under my flipbelt in a dry case.

So off I went. The aim 8k in under 1h 3m 20 s, which was what I got last time. And because I'm always trying out new things I thought I might take regular walking breaks, 1 minute walking every five minutes. My music died on me after the first song, but I mostly run without music, so that was no real problem. It started raining just as I got underway, but it was nice, light, cooling rain and I actually enjoyed it. Nobody around as I ran through the woods except the odd, older couple wrapped up against the rain, umbrellas out. A couple of dog walkers near the fields, but no runners. The walk every 5 minutes was surprisingly helpful. My first km was slow, but I'm always a slow starter and I was still on target. The next reports from runkeeper were startlingly good and they kept getting better up to km 6. The walking seemed to enable me to go a bit faster when running, because I knew a rest was coming. It was also helpful to walk before I absolutely had to. The last km was still a struggle and I was relieved when I hit 8km. I'd knocked nearly 5 mins off my previous time and managed 8 km in 58mins 30 secs. Now I know some of the graduates and speedy peeps can do 10km in an hour - but I can't (yet?). I was well pleased with my new time, especially as it hadn't been particularly grueling. So maybe I'll try this structured walking break thing a bit more often. Another thing to play around with.

I would love to get another 10k in in the near future, but will try to do that on a non-naughty day. My 8k today was definitely naughty, but very nice!


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22 Replies

  • I like run/walk a lot and it is possible to achieve quite reasonable speeds. Suits me anyway!

    Sounds like a good run.

  • I was surprised at the results - after all you're walking 20% of the time. But obviously I run stronger because of the "rest". Will experiment around!

  • Do you run 5 minutes, then walk for 1 minute or just until you have caught your breath? And how do you keep track of the minutes? If I have to look at a watch all the time, I can't enjoy the run

  • I had Runkeeper in my ear telling me how far I'd run every 5 minutes (had to re-programme that in aswell, I'd switched it all off). I ran the first 5 mins without a break, then walked approx 1 minute, then ran until I was told I'd done 10 mins etc. The 1 min walk wasn't timed, I just sort of estimated it. I don't like looking at my watch or mobile either and wasn't going to be faffing around with that. Normally I just have Runkeeper in my pocket recording the run but not saying anything. This time I activated her. It does make you concentrate on time and pace, which can be a bad thing. But now and then I think it's OK.

  • If you're interested in this - it might be a good idea to check these out: Essentially, it's just multiple timers all set to run one after the other :D

  • Thanks, Hannah

  • Thanks, might look into that later if I really get into this running/walking aspect.

  • I think that's a very good time for 8K, and you are very naughty - smack smack!

  • Ow, not so hard!

  • You little rebel you...!!! It sounds brilliant!!!!! What a great run!

    You are doing so well, and knocking five minutes off your time too, wow!!! I need to try harder...cannot fall too far behind you :)

    I am heading out tomorrow, but mine will be a short one..maybe I could have a go Sunday... ? (plot, plot....) :)


    Don't forget, though, we go slow to make the ones going fast look really good ...:)x

  • I don't think we have to worry there, or at least I don't. I am definitely not fast, but it was an interesting and very successful experiment. You're still faster than me on the shorter distances Oldfloss and your last 8k was very leisurely, I'm sure you've got it in you to catch up. It is good to have someone at around the same level to keep up with!

  • Slow, for me, is the new fast :) Yes.. nice to have a running chum.. you youngsters keep me on my toes and inspire me :)

  • And you older ones inspire us to keep running. I hope I'm as speedy as you in 10 years time. And you realise you are now my best ever friend for calling me a youngster!

  • 😄

  • Yeay!...:)

  • Schhhhyy... Don't tell anybody, two days in a row happened to me as well, even twice in one day.... Naughty girls!

  • Ummmmm I'm telling 😉

    That is a perfectly reasonable time for 8k, well done..there lots of advocates for walk breaks and the run/walk method , search Jeff Galloway on da Google ☺

    alot find the times, pace very comparable ,if it suits you go with it.

    You certainly should compare or worry about the times of other runners , your race your pace 😊

  • Please don't tell, I don't want another telling off from misswobble. I've already been smacked by Curlygurly2 . And I'm afraid it's almost inevitable, this comparing business - certainly after graduation. It makes you realise what is possible and gives you something to aim for.

  • It is hard not to and certainly nothing wrong with having a goal and improving 😊

  • Your behaviour is naughty and you are a very bad example to the rest of the class.

    :-) But we've all done it....

  • Is it like smoking round the back of the bicycle sheds? (Not that I ever did that!).

  • I sometimes run 2 days in a row if I miss a run. It hasn't been a problem.

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