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Wk 5 R2 complete and I have serious doubts

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I have to stay I'm really concerned about the next run. I know everyone kinda worries about R3 because it seems like such a huge leap but I'm REALLY worried. Today's run was no joke. I was struggling all the way through.The thought of not having any rests and then adding 4min seems unthinkable/undoable at the moment. I'm not a little girl weighing in around 225lbs and my legs felt like absolute logs at the end of the first 8min run. My breathing seems ok, it's just lifting all this weight is killer on my legs/feet. I run early morning before the sun comes up and it's a good thing because i was talking to myself those last few minutes of each 8min run lol. I am very proud i finished this run in fact after each 'long' stretch I find myself breaking out crying when i finish. Not sure why such a release of emotion at the end but I can't help it.

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You can do this, my legs still feel really heavy and my calf muscles are always very tight but I have done it. I weigh 259lbs so know exactly how you are feeling. Keep going it really is worth it and well done for coming this far :-)

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SillyLillyGraduate in reply to BigGirlJogging

Thanks for the support. It's encouraging to know that you have completed it.

Well done so far you will be fine for run 3 just take it slow relax and listen to the podcast/app and you should be proud of your achievements as they encourage you to carry on. Some people do get quite emotional probably due to the joy of a good run or that they have completed another stage in their journey. I assume you are doing a weight loss program in conjunction with C25K. Keep going though and if it helps break down the times into segments that don't seem to daunting to you.

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SillyLillyGraduate in reply to MichaelH070862

Thanks. I'm not actually not focussed on weight loss per se..just health physical/mental. I am aware of my eating and it needs lots of work but i'm takin baby steps here. If I loose weight that would be wonderful. It's been a particularly stressful time for me since the place I worked at closed July 1. I've been unemployed and job seeking since then and it's starting to grind on my nerves. When I run(jog) is the ONLY time I don't think of that mess..and for that I am grateful. I think this program is keeping me sane. To forget about all the worries of my life for even a half hour a day is a blessing.

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MichaelH070862Graduate in reply to SillyLilly

Good luck with your job hunting you are right to take things slowly you will find you tone up anyway and running can give you an outlet for frustration and also a bit of you time

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SillyLillyGraduate in reply to MichaelH070862

Its interesting you say I will tone up..I'm not seeing the scale move but my pants are looser. I really need to get a measuring tape out to get a baseline measurement.

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MichaelH070862Graduate in reply to SillyLilly

I toned up went from 36 to 32 inch waist in 9 weeks so it does work just very slowly sometimes

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mazmannGraduate in reply to SillyLilly

I think you are so right. As many people have said if you do more, you are burning up more calories then last week. I have just done W5 R2 tonight and know what you mean about the next run. I am a bit said and listen to an audio book as I am running. It helps me to carry on without thinking of the time. Good luck and keep going.

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SillyLillyGraduate in reply to mazmann

Congratulations on finishing R2! How are you able to listen to your own music/audio when you have the c25k program on? I can only listen to 'laura' and her music at the moment. I would love to listen to my own music and have 'laura' just interject when I have to start and stop.

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mazmannGraduate in reply to SillyLilly

I am using the app on an android phone. I start the book/ music first as normal then select the app. I have Michael and there is no music. He fades in and out. I just have to make sure I take him off pause the first time after the start of the 5 min walk. Have you done your D3 run yet? I have mine tomorrow morning at 6, sure it will be ok.

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Take it slowly. There is only the pressure you put on yourself, your only competition is yourself 🙂 I had to repeat several stages several times, and wish I had not "rushed" through some others as I think I would have had a bit more stamina when I did graduate.

Every time you go out the door is a "win". Every "tough" and/or "did not do full segment" is a "Practice run" for next time.

We have days we don't do as well as we want, but as long as we continue to like running we will continue. If we make it into a "this is no fun on any level" thing how long would any of us keep on ?

You have come this far, that is proof you can continue. And that is all it is about -putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to do so to the best of your ability on any given day ☺

I was scared to death of every time there was an increase in the stages, but at a certain point figured the programme had worked to that point so who was I really to doubt it ☺

And I also figured that even if sometime I was physically unable to proceed - I would still be running longer than ever before the programme if I kept on at whatever stage that would be🙂

Please, read as many posts on here as you can, you will see you are NOT "terminally unique" and that your graduation can happen. Just take it slow and steady and forget "9 weeks" and "5k" and just build up time/stamina. That's what got the vast majority of us through ☺

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SillyLillyGraduate in reply to Irish-John

Thank you for the support. You are right..I need to cherish the little successes along the way. I can be so hard on myself. I kinda feel like an imposter.lol It's hard to do some days when I see others around me running so much faster and stronger. My husband is an avid runner and has completed marathons. He has been supportive. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to even tell him I ran a whole 5min or 8min.lol I don't really have a desire to do races, I just want to get healthy/active. I run early morning in the dark and am happy with that. I don't want others judging me. I don't consider myself a runner by a long stretch but I am more active then i was weeks ago so that in itself is a good thing. I'm pretty new to this forum but I am enjoying reading other peoples successes and am hopeful I will be able to be one too. ;) Thanks again for all the great advise.

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Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to SillyLilly

;) healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

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You're doing fab and it might be worth thinking back to when you did wk1 where you probably thought, as I did, how on earth can I run 90 seconds when I struggle with 60 seconds. You will prep your mind to do it as you have all previous weeks. I have just started wk 2 and if i can get anywhere near running for 8 mins which you can, twice I might add, I will be over the moon so be really proud of yourself 😄😄

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SillyLillyGraduate in reply to Hidden

I often think about week one when times are getting tough on my runs. I really am amazed at how quickly the body adapts with consistent training. I'm still breathing hard during my runs but not gasping for breaths like in week one.lol

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Well done for getting to this point. I'm at the same point as you and am having to recite like a mantra that Laura has got me this far and has been right so the next run should be fine! That's not to say that it will be easy but that would be no challenge and get boring. You can do it, as IrishJohn says it may take a practice run but you will get there as will I! Happy running :-)

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SillyLillyGraduate in reply to RunningGeek

Oh Laura..honestly some days I don't like her very much. For example today as i was doing my first run and starting to struggle she comes on and says, "your half done"..I wanted to cry because it felt like I was running forever and thought she was going to say it's time for a break. I wish she would come on more frequently and talk about something/anything so it would distract me from the pain i'm feelin.

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RunningGeekGraduate in reply to SillyLilly

I know what you mean, sometimes the gap she leaves is just too big! Can't imagine completing these runs without her though :-)

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DonkeywhistlerGraduate in reply to SillyLilly

I know what you mean. I have been plodding along thinking I must be nearly done and then felt like crying as she's said 'You're half way'. I've thought 'no way can I do another 4 minutes' but isn't it amazing that somehow you do manage it. That doesn't mean that I haven't felt like crying though! Psychologically I'm not convinced the 'half way' reminder helps me. Anyone else feel the same? For me I think I'd rather just keep going waiting for the end of each session.

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You are right - it's the one everyone fears. But the programme works, so you just gave to go for it! Take it very slow and steady.

You might surprise yourself and I guarantee you will feel amazing!

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Run very slowly

Take a new route, not one you've done before

Break the run down into manageable sections - pick a lamp-post or a tree ahead, and run to that. Once you are there, pick another landmark and run to that. Just don't stop when you get to each land-mark.

In the last 5 minutes, count your steps. Get the count exactly right. This is just a distraction from the running.

When you're running, think abut the exhilaration you'll feel when finishing, and telling us all your good news.

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SillyLillyGraduate in reply to MarkyD

These are some great tips.thank you! I have thought of switching up my route but am terrified that it'll mess up my momentum. It's almost like a security blanket at this time. I haven't thought of counting my steps but that would be a good distraction when I'm struggling. I do the landmarking routinely and it really does work. Getting to the end is a wonderful feeling. Honestly I think the only reason I haven't failed yet is because I'm so darn stubborn. Maybe thats a good thing.hahaha

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RunningGeekGraduate in reply to SillyLilly

Stubbornness is a much underrated trait to have :-D

So much good advice above. Take it really easy and the buzz when you finish will live with you for hours. 😀

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Oh SillyLilly you can do it, I'm a bit lighter than you, but not much, and asthmatic, but I've just started week 7. Just go at a slow pace, if you can breathe, then you can run. You can do W5 R3 - you just keep going - because Laura doesn't tell you to stop running, you just keep running, I'm not sure how it happens! It might be hypnosis or alchemy or something, but you will do it - even if it takes a few goes. Don't be in too much of a hurry to complete the programme, take your time - our little group did two weeks at each level, and that has been so helpful. Lots of water, slow pace, keep breathing - you can do it! :-)

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I was so amazed and proud when I did Week 5 Run 3 that it's probably in my top ten of lifetime happy moments! I did it before work (I work in a prison) and spent the whole shift telling any prisoner that would listen. :)

Lots of good tips above. Go for it!

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Lots of good advice here. It has helped me. As others have said don't worry you are not in a race with others. Jt's working towards your own goals that count. Take it steady and repeat weeks if have to. It's all progress. Yes I still get good feeling that I have achieved something I thought impossible , running for 30 minutes. Now doing a bit more ! My other motivation was to improve my health and avoid diabetes and other health problems in future. If running for 30 minutes keeps me off a life of medication it can only help me physically and mentally with all the other life issues.

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I'm at the same stage and all the above advice is really helpful. I did w5r2 on Tuesday at possibly the hottest part of the day and struggled. I hadn't been able to get out in the morning which is my usual time. Heading out earlyish tomorrow so wish me luck!

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RunningGeekGraduate in reply to Joy57

Hope it went to plan :-)

It looks like W5R3 is the topic of the day. You can either decide to slow it right down and give it a go, or cut yourself some slack and adapt the programme a bit to suit you. If you read the other posts about this run there is a great deal of support.

We're all with you, been there and done w5 repeatedly so don't worry if things don't go quite to plan - it's ok to 'do' and 're-do' if mecessary. 👣👣👣👣🏃

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Baby steps and just keep moving, keep breathing and hold your head up high. You can do it! You have come thus far, you're obviously a strong willed lady, so keep at it. :) xx

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UPDATE! I DID IT!!!!! Omg I'm over the top happy that I was able to jog for 20min straight. :) I was apprehensive at the start because my ankle had been bothering me for a few days but I went out with the mindset of just give it a try. MarkyD your suggestion of changing routes was brilliant. As I approached the roundabout I usually take I decided to take your advise and turn the other way. This was a path I had never gone on before. It was the smartest decision I made because I had no idea where I was in the scope of the run. It forced me to just keep moving forward until I was told to stop. I wasn't able to dwell on where the end was. I just kept my head down and tried to just enjoy the experience. My breathing was surprisingly controlled throughout. My shins were aching a bit but overall I felt pretty strong at the end. My pace was so slow. I tried figuring it out and I think it's at a 14min/mile.lol Thank you everyone for all your support and advise. I guess it goes to show you your mind can be the biggest hurdle you will come across. Have a great day all! xo

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The feeling is awesome isn't it? You did it! You'll be smiling ALL day :) Well done!

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