SO............. who's going to be in our C25k London winter run group photo??

SO............. who's going to be in our C25k London winter run group photo??

Hi Everyone!

Been pondering with Miles_Yonder yesterday about putting up a post to see who going to be in our LWR mugshot group photo, that will be a fun one to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really looking forward to going, and it will be great to meet up if we can, i know danzargo, miles_yonder,juicyju, turbotortoise, no-excuse, beads, will be there but are there a few more names to add????


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37 Replies

  • Great thinking, Ali Wighter. Be good to see in one place who is going and wants to meet up. :-)

  • got to meet the infamous Miles_Yonder!!!!!! then i'm going to nick your LWR t shirt cos i want one and its blue so just my colour!!!!!! :)

  • Looking forward to meeting you too, Ali Wighter, of course, but hands off my LWR shirt! :D It's miiiiiiine! It is a very nice blue; not usually a fan of the colour but it is nice.

    Not coming up The Shard with me on the Saturday?! :-P

  • well thats just too mean! :X Big Sigh!

    **haven't looked at Shard link yet but will prob be travelling straight to my bruvs on Saturday! You'll have to take some photos to show me! :)

  • I won't be wearing it during the race; it will be my post-race reward! And yes, I'll be taking plenty of photos. Really looking forward to my trip up The Shard; be cool taking the view in from it and then running past it the next day. So many amazing sights to run past during the race though. :-) Can't wait; I love London, running through it will be fantastic.

  • Yes, was thinking about this too... there is a plan brewing on the C25K Facebook group to meet outside the Churchill War Rooms for the group photo at around 8.30am, then there are further plans to find a nice warm pub (one that doesn't mind a bunch of sweaty runners) after the race.

    BTW my race pack hasn't arrived yet (also containing Aliboo, Boz, Beads and Cats' race chips)... impatient!

  • sounds good ! :)

    i just sent you an email about the pack! impatient too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    we will have to wave homemade c25k flags at each other for identification!

  • I was having a look at LWR web site last weekend and it implied race packs being sent on 27th - thought it was quite late to get forwarded on. I will be arriving in London Friday night so about on Saturday if I need to collect.

  • Yes, I saw that on the site but lots of people have already received their packs this week (including the other C25k team on FB). It will arrive soon, surely...

  • I received mine a couple of days ago, so hopefully everyone's will be with them shortly. :-)

  • Just to let people know who aren't already aware, the ***only*** bag you're allowed to leave at the baggage stores is the branded drawstring bag they send you in the race pack. No others. Some creative packing may be in order!

    TT, thanks for the heads-up; I'm not on Facebook, so am unaware of the meeting plans for the place. That all sounds cool though. :-)

  • Add me to this - sounds like a crazy early start. Mind you my boss thinks I am nuts to travel 400 miles for one run and then 400 miles back again after the race.

  • wow thats a long way! we're travelling from the Isle of Wight, thats only 90 miles!

  • Us runners do tend to get the "you're crazy, you..." comments a fair bit! :D I thought I was doing well coming about 180 miles for it, but you beat me by far!

  • And here I am grumbling to myself about how 'planned engineering works' on the 1st is going to add around 20 mins to my journey... puts it all in perspective!

  • AAAAAHHHHHHH - have just looked at what you have mentioned - looks like that is also going to affect me, as coming up to London from Twickenham.

  • Aussie and GettingFitter will also be there. The war rooms at8:30 seems to be favourite for a meeting place

  • I think Tanyag and Drakeybar will also be there. Plus all the Facebook forum folk who I only know by their real names.

  • Aw it will be lovely for you all to meet up face to face . I am looking forward to seeing the team photo :-)

    Good Luck everybody ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy, we'll have to do a race in your neck of the woods next! :)

  • Oh yes ! That would be fab !

    I am doing the Leeds 10k , Miles is doing that one and Spiky, Runon and Rosebery are doing the Great Manchester Great Run. Would be lovely to meet up ! :-) xxx

  • i'll have to look those up! :) Signing off for now as bed calling, had long day of travel to newcastle yesterday, talk soon :)

  • Night Night Ali, hope Boz and George are okay :-) xxx

  • morning Poppy! yes Boz ok, had his first run since back injury today, at parkrun, seems ok so far should should be able to do LWR, but maybe not superspeedy! He had his cycling leg warmers(hold up type things) but had to stop after a bit as doing good Nora Batty impression and take them off, good for cycling but not running, so may need some new gear for next week! (he only has shorts!)

    just off to the beach with George dog as its nice and sunny here! :) hope all good with you?!

  • Yep , thanks Ali, Im good today

    Ah thats good news about Boz, glad he's on the mend xxx

    Lovely and sunny here too , going to take the boys on a long walk soon .

    Hope you all enjoyed the beach, oh I wished I lived by the sea, its my dream . Maybe one day :-) xxx

  • You'll have to get training for the I.O.W. marathon and come for a visit! Actually, i wouldn't recommend that one its supposed to be one of the hardest! :( i've been looking up the races you said about, maybe.................??!! have to see how the finance are! the flight up north are quite cheap if you book in advance! :) Sorry, but the beach was LOVELY! :) sun on your face and all that! :) speak soon, have a lovely rest of the day, i'm being dragged to a barn dance tonight , should be interesting!! :

  • You too Ali ! Have a fab weekend :-) xxx

  • Hope you said hello to the toon for me!!!

  • AAH is that why you're Toonlou?! i had to ask Boz what you meant, he said the football team is called the Toonarmy?! i flew to Newcastle then train to hartlepool.................

  • Yeah!!! Toon toon!!! Some fab beaches up there! Can't wait to have my first ever run in the toon. Thinking the quayside or the coast!! Hope you enjoyed.

  • Uum, oops should have mentioned it was a funeral! :( When I get back to visit relatives next time will get a chance to look around......

  • Aaaw that's not good. Good reason to go again though.

  • Hi Ali- ooh I can't wait, thanks for starting the post re this. Not sure yet what time I will be getting there as I am travelling with my Sunday running group but like the idea of a group pic before we start and even better a nice warm pub for after! Hopefully the plans will filter through via Facebook to the forum x :-D

  • will be great to catch up! signing off for tonight! good luck if you're at parkrun tomorrow :)

  • Sounds great!! Can't wait to see the photo!! And get up the shard!! It's brilliant!!!!

  • War Rooms at 8.30? I'll do my best to be there. Using SouthWest trains and there are engineering works on the line...

  • excellent, watch this space, i think turbotortoise is organising the rendezvous! :)

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