Done it! and these are a few of my favourite things:

Gym closed for W2r3 so husband volunteered to go in front of my first run outside he could clean up dog mess ahead of my run!

Celebrating my 61st birthday with w3r3 followed by 10k cycling and 1k swim –my own personal triathlon! Ate my healthy banana snack sliced into ice cream, drizzled with Bailey’s and sprinkled with chocolate!

Taking grandchildren in w5r2 and finding that they set off so fast they couldn’t make the 8 minute runs but I finished at my pace and that really gave me the confidence to do the 20 minutes in w5r3

Finishing the 20 minute run

Brisk walking- I quite missed the interval walks when they finished.

Spreading the word to my sister in US so she could start c25k and finding how much she is enjoying the programme.

Laura’s conviction that I could do everything she asked. She doesn’t even know me but she has such confidence in me- amazing!

Daughter borrowing my running tops- “because they look so good on you, Mum!” ( She doesn’t use them for running, though and she’s not getting her hands on my c25k Tees!)

Taking husband out for his inaugural run. He wouldn’t wear earbuds to listen to Laura so I stood in the middle of the park shouting out the intervals like a circus ringmaster while he ran round the park!

Finishing a run. – any run, every run!

Finding the difference it has made to my swimming. I can now go faster for further- great!

Getting to 5k on my graduation run. The first time I’d made the distance and then only by running through the warm up and cool-down minutes! I’m not fast but I am tenacious!

This site and all the great people on it.


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21 Replies

  • A real inspiration!!

  • thank you! it feels very good :)

  • What a fab blog! Inspiring!!! Love the way it sounds so much fun (when we really know how tough it is!). Hope hubby is letting you have the fizz tonight regardless of whether your badge is displayed.

  • thank you ! I'm going to show him this and tell him you said I could open the bottle! :)

  • Absolutely....if he won't tell him he'll have me to answer to lol

  • Congratulations! So thrilled you have made it! Well done. Your triathlon sounds fantastic. Maybe Grammdog is catching! I love the idea of you shouting commands to your hubby in the park. Wouldn't work for my hubby - he never listens to a word I say! :-)

  • thank you! It feels lovely to have completed it and husband is still continuing with his programme, only I don't have to shout instructions now because he's on wk 5 and has learned the instructions by heart! :)

  • I loved reading your blog, I had a big smile on my face while I read it. What an inspiration you are! Well done. :)

  • thank you! I spent most of my final run thinking of the positives so I could get through it! :)

  • What a lovely blog, thanks for sharing. :D

    I especially loved the 'Finishing a run. – any run, every run!' as it is so true.

  • thank yo! I don't think I'll ever change my username if that's the way I feel at the end of every run! :)

  • A great blog; Congratulations :)

  • thank you! Haven't got my badge yet but hope JR21 does it when he gets into work tomorrow! Lots of others graduating on Fridays so they can spend the weekend celebrating, I think! :)

  • Fantastic, many congratulations. Loved your "best moments" blog, too. Enjoy!

  • Thank you! I'm not ready for 5k+ yet but I am prepared to go out again tomorrow and I'll repeat c25k running during the walking parts and speeding up during the running parts now that I know I can keep going to the end!

  • Brilliant blog, happierswimming. :) Reading your 'best moments' is really encouraging and inspiring, especially at the moment when my mojo seems to have gone walkabout. It made me think about some of my best c25k moments (and the ones yet to come) and feel ready to tackle W6,R2 today.

  • I'm so pleased! I always enjoy reading your blogs. Keep 'em coming! :)

  • o, good going happierswimming! So happy to see your success!

    Congratulations to you on your graduation!

  • thank you, grammadog! I know you've followed my progress since I started because yours is one of the names I remember from my earliest blogs! Thank you for all your encouragement! :)

  • Well done on graduating, its a brilliant feeling, loved your blog. :)

  • Well done and thanks for writing such a brilliant blog

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