All because of a Tigger (long post)

All because of a Tigger (long post)

It's Saturday morning but the alarm clock wakes me up at 7:00AM. "Why?", I think.

As soon as my feet touch the ground, two knives stab my calf - a "gentle" reminder of the effects of over-exertion after a little experiment I did on Thursday. "Why?", I think.

When I leave the apartment wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, it is a gloriously sunny morning but the air hasn't lost yet its chilly bite. "Why?", I think.

But I know "why"; it's because I promised to @Oldfloss to run my first parkrun for her and to do the best I can. I cannot go back on my word, can I?

Thankfully the 1.5km walk to the local parkrun is an excellent warm-up and by the end of it the pain in my calves has greatly decreased.

So here I am; my first parkrun, my first morning run, my first run among other people... I am a bit nervous but that's not too bad as few weeks ago I would have been terrified.

Not knowing what to expect from me and the other runners I place myself at the very back of the group. 1... 2... 3... GO!

The first kilometre is tough; I set off faster than usual but I seem unable to control my speed, furthermore I am not used to negotiate my space in a running crowd and surpassing slower runners is difficult - next time I might try to start from the middle of the group.

After the first kilometre the "traffic" situation improves but then my first real battle with the Gremlins begin. I am still running faster than I intend to, my breathing is still ok but just ok and seeing other runners stopping or walking is disheartening and tempting at the same time.

I make a point to smile and wave to all the volunteers and the "spectators" along the route and this helps a bit. Nonetheless I have to push myself harder than I've ever done and I am constantly on the brink of giving up... but I made a promise. So I keep running, even on the short but very steep killer hill at the end of the route.

When I cross the finish line, I've given everything I've got; I've run the best I could, as I promised. So much so that, according to my tracker, I set a new PB, with my first 5km under 30min: 29min 21sec. Now I am waiting for the official result from parkrun.

That's all your fault and your merit, Oldfloss; thank you for having been my inspiration today. :)


[update] The official parkrun result has arrived:

30:06 - still a PB but not nearly as impressive as what I thought :( ... well, I'll have to do better next time

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37 Replies

  • Congratulations for attending on the right day 😀 - and that's a great time. I'm looking forward to when I can do my first parkrun too.  

  • Well done ! That's a real achievement and we are all proud of you! 

  • That's fantastic. Well done. 

  • Whoop whoop! That's brilliant. Well done you. Fab post.

  • That's a great time secan , the 1st sub 30 is very special well done 

  • Thanks, although I just received the official time and it is not a sub-30min (30:06). Well, next time then!

  • Ooh so close , next time secan :) 

  • No, thank you....:)

    This is a wonderful post, describing a wonderful, wonderful run. I am so pleased and proud of you.

    What a journey, and you are out there, doing it, and doing it in real style. From running for 60 seconds to a PB, on your FIRST park-run. Absolutely brilliant :)


    If it is my fault... then great, I am thrilled. :) x

  • It *is* your "fault".

    If it weren't for you, I would have probably opted for some more time in bed and my usual afternoon run. :)

  • An inspirational post, reminds me of when I started running 5 years ago, and why I still run. Each time you do something for the first time it is a reminder that actually things are possible, even though they seem impossible at the beginning. Well done, and may it be the first of many enjoyable Parkruns! 

  • Well done you, that's truly fantastic.  I think I might go for a go at the parkrun next weekend if it wasn't too bad!  So proud of you, you are awesome!

    Elsie xxxx

  • Thats a great time for your first parkrun. Always difficult dealing with the crowds/pace and everything else if you're not used to it.

    The start has recently been changed at ours due to a new path going in that defined the route across the grass better. Its now far more congested and difficult to get going at the speed you want - either forced along by the quick ones or held up at the back. It sorts out as you get used to it though :)

  • I still think that's pretty impressive! Well done!

  • Secan, you're brilliant! And such a fantastic time, just over the magic 30 mins. It gives you a great target for the next runs. You really are an inspiration for us all.  My run this weekend will also be dedicated to OldFloss, stuck on the IC but cheering us on all the way. Just can't decide whether I do a longer run, or go for a faster 5k. Still have a couple of hours to decide!

    Love your posts!

  • Now... "an inspiration" is quite an exaggeration. 😊

    I just found something I love and I enjoy myself.

  • No really! I love to see what my fellow young graduates are up to and the ones who regularly run really inspire me to do the same. I want to anyway, but reading what you're all doing makes me even more determined! 

    You are definitely on my list of inspiring young graduates!

  • That' the second time you call me "young"; do it again and I'll consider it an official engagement. You are warned. 😜

  • Ah, but this time I meant young in the sense of "recent". I take your warnings seriously!

  • Yep... just accept it.. you are inspiring!

    The fact  that you love it and are having fun... extra bonus! :)

  • You are a lovely, lovely super star!

  • Very impressive Secan , Well done ! xxx

  • I bet they just put that 6 seconds on to make you go again.

    Well done!

  • Thats a great 1st parkrun pace , be proud of yourself!  :) looking at the stats you have done 5.14km, so i would definitely count a sub 30 5k today, just not a sub 30 parkrun ! my garmin always measures ours as 5.1km , so although i too missed the sub 30 parkrun i still count my garmin reading for the 5km! we were the exact same pace today-5.57! :)

  • Well done Secan on completing your first park run - great time! No park runs here so off into the forest soon......

  • Watch out for Bears....and Goldilocks! :)

  • Well don't know about bears or Goldilocks but did see MrRam the other day and he should not have been in the forest so I had a shock (and doggie was very excited!!) 

  • Yikes....!

  • To me, it looks a more than good alternative; I'd love to have a forest nearby.

  • Woah secan! That man can move! That's flippin' brilliant. Will you do another parkrun?

  • Sure, I will!

    Not for the next two weekends, though, 'cause I'll be back in Italy to spend some time with my family. 😃

    I wonder how it will be running at 20C...

  • Wonerful secan... massive congratulations on your first parkrun.. hope many more to follow :) oldfloss must be very proud!! BEEP BEEP X

  • What a brilliant post and run x Well done :)

  • Oh wow! That's seriously very amazingly fantastic for ANY park run, let alone a FIRST park run. Very well done you, feeling very chuffed for you and this excellent result is spurring me on to get cracking and back on track, so thank you! :) 

  • If that was "seriously very amazingly fantastic", I'm curious to know how you would you describe the runs of the 108 people who arrived in front of me... XD

  • That's a good question ;) I would say they're not as seriously very amazingly fantastic as you, because they've probably already done a million park runs and have been running for a zillion years. I happen to think being 109th is the very best ;) 

  • I was always taught a promise should be kept, you did yourself and Lady Floss proud :o)

  • Well done

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