Couch to 5K

W3 R1

Was tough but I actually enjoyed it, I went and run at 8am, I actually think I enjoyed it more then running in the evening, but I only run this morning as I'm off work today, I think that the only but I don't like us the fast walking pase and I don't think my muscles like it either, they seem to get tight, also that half an hour seem to fly by much quicker, but feeling great.

I will be fit, I will be fit, I will be fit

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The fast walking bit is to get you smokin hot before you start running. I do warm-up exercises in the house before setting off as well as the brisk warm up walk. Try that and see if it helps your aches

Aches are normal as your body gets used to the perhaps unfamiliar exercise. Take care and run very, very slowly!


You will be fit! Keep at it and follow Misswobble's advice. Well done for getting to week 3.


Stick with it and you will indeed be fit!

I have never been fit before, now I'm just so pleased to be able to say that I run regularly and am fit :).

Good luck with the rest - don't give up. Perhaps consider slowing down the running.

:) xx


One thing from the c25k was when Laura said that when running think if people looking at a hedge and your head bobbing to much, and to stop bouncing as this take to much energy, that really did work, this so was a thing to consider whilst running


Yes, this is one of the things that definitely sticks in my mind. I make a concious effort to stop my head bobbing up and down like a yo-yo !

Well done Kerry, youve got off to a great start- Keep going ! :-D xxx


Great mantra!


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