week 5 run 3

Hi all,i have the 20 minute run of the 5th week to do tomorrow wich i am looking forward to doing.i am in need of some good advice about entering a 10k run in manchester on the 10th of may,,starting from the end of week 5 as i am would their be enough time to train sensibly and make that date...anyone done the same sort of thing in a similar time frame...thanks


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  • I think there's time to train for it. It gives you something to aim for. I remember worrying about my first 10k last year a couple of months after graduating. Everything went fine on the day and it was a great experience. Just increase your distances gradually. Use a training plan like the bridge to 10k, or the Asics plan. At the end of the day, you can always walk a bit if you need to, but my guess is you probably won't. Good luck and let us all know what you decide x :-)

  • thanks for the feedback i am still mulling it over.i did my 20 minute run and loved it bring on week 6.

  • I'm on week 7 and I'm doing a 10k on the 1st of March...though even I think I'm slightly batty ;)

    Remember you can always walk some of it xx

  • good luck with that cheshiregal batty or brave it will be fun

  • I've just started week 6 and have a 10k run for the British Heart Foundation in May. 'Proper' runners at work tell me that it should allow me enough time to build up fitness & stamina in time, and also that it's good to have a specific goal to work towards. I'd say go for it! (But I'm biased :) )

  • thanks 5k..im thinkink i might give it a shot

  • If it won't upset you to take a couple of all breaks then go for it! I probably wouldn't have attempted a 10k so soon but that's not to say its not possible . its nice to have a goal. Good luck

  • Walk breaks I meant not all breaks!

  • You have time to train for 10km. I found my first 10km very exciting and a great feeling once you finish it. Go for it, running in a race is great there are some disadvantages but it's great fun. try using a plan as no-excuse says but my three runs a week eventually followed the following pattern - 5km, podcast 5k+, increased my distance by 10% and then I ran 10km twice before the race as I wanted to know I could do it. Good luck with your training and the rest of the c25k plan.

  • hi vix,whats the disadvantage. i am really wanting to have a go.

  • If it's a big event people getting in your way, queues for loos (that's at every race), however these are greatly out weighed but the atmosphere and achievement at the end. I wanted to do the manchester 10km but I won't be home, it looks a good one so you will enjoy it!!

  • plenty of time, yes. Go for it.

  • thanks for the feedback..i think their is enough time but may give it a week or to to see where i am then

  • Hi Adsez

    Im doing this one too, my first one. I am really looking forward to it . Youve got four months , see how you go on. Its great to have a goal to work towards.

    I am going to give it a good go, but Ive told myself I am going to walk in parts if I feel I need to .

    Good Luck ! xxx

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