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Garmin watches, Garmin Connect and other animals. Idiots guide needed!

Afternoon all. So I've decided I quite fancy a running watch for Christmas and the parentals are mithering me to tell them which one I would like - problem is I really don't have a scooby!

I'm currently just using Runkeeper on my phone, which is fine but I'm thinking I'd quite enjoy the freedom that not having to take my iPhone 5 with me might bring.

I really have very little knowledge of how you use running watches or indeed what they can do. Please can somebody try and explain it to me?

Do they give you audible prompts? If so can you always hear it? Say if you were running along a road with a load of traffic for example! When you upload your info does it just do it automatically or do you have to plug it into a computer etc? I dunno if I could be ar5ed with that if so!

I know the Garmin Forerunner 10s seem to be the most basic/prettiest of the watches (although I'm a bit sad they don't do them in red), but any other opinions would be very gratefully received.

Muchas gracias and hope you're all having a spifftastic day! :D

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So glad that you asked this, Mossy. My lovely husband gave me one and I'm struggling to use it! I've got the basic Garmin110 and I've no idea if I can make it tell me to start, stop etc. And what are 'splits'? I haven't done those since I was 10 years old!!

Also, I'm using the Garmin connect website and it seems really slow. I don't think there's a way of looking at the data on the watch without using the website which I was a bit disappointed by!!

Sorry, I've been absolutely no help whatsoever!


Haha! Well hopefully someone can help you, too! :) I'm a bit worried about what you said about the website - I really like the immediacy of Runkeeper.. hopefully someone can shed a bit of light on this for us! :)

PS I think "splits" are how long it takes to run each kilometre/mile. I think!


Thank you, Mossy! I do live in darkest Lincolnshire, though, so maybe that has an effect on the website. Lots of people do swear by the Garmin, so don't let me put you off. I'm a bit of a dinosaur where technology is concerned.


Ditto ! Used it twice and have gone back to my phone....


The Garmin 620 is definitely something to lust after :) - but it is also around $500 here :(

To the original poster, if you are using Runkeeper AND you already have an Iphone5, a good option for you ( and this is what I would do except that I don't already own an Iphone5 , is to purchase a heart rate monitor chest belt that supports Bluetooth 4+ ( which an Iphone has and Runkeeper supports. )

Have a look at the Runkeeper website regarding this

I have an el-cheapo HRM which talks to a watch on my wrist - one of the biggest problems that I have with this setup is that the sound alarm on the watch ( which I want to hear to tell me when to run and when to walk, and when my HR has moved out of the zone I want to run in ) is not loud enough and traffic noise (even bird noise) stops me from hearing it. Wearing a smartphone at my waist running Runkeeper with earphones overcomes this.


I have the Garmin Forerunner 10 and it is probably the easiest (and cheapest) of the Garmin Forerunner series. It does do splits, it has copious amounts of information after being connected to the Garmin Connect site, is water resistant, has a good GPS lock - my phone apps can't hold the signal around where I live. More details are here - even videos -

(BTW other Run Tracking gadgets are available)


I've had a Forerunner 10 for about six months and love it - it's very easy to use and you quickly get into the habit of connecting it to upload your runs (and walks).


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