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Is it possible to convert Endomondo data into Garmin?

I've been using Endomondo on my iPhone for the past year to map my runs and walks but have taken the plunge and just ordered a Garmin 220 tonight. Does anyone know if I can download and convert all of my history from Endo onto the Garmin website so that I don't lose all my information?

I sometimes use Fitbit exercise tracker at the same time (but it seems less accurate) if it's easier to convert from that?

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You can transfer your data from your Garmin to Endomondo or Strava but I have not heard of doing it the other way round. Garmin connect is not all that tbh - most people use their Garmins just to record the data then send it to something more sophisticated to analyse it.


Thanks Rignold. That's interesting to know. I hadn't thought of doing it the other way around as I thought that Garmin would be the better software. Sounds like I might be wrong?



I used the following link to transfer data into Garmin Connect:


That looks useful. I'll give it a go once I get my Garmin and register on the website. Many thanks.


Endomondo is certainly the more sophisticated for nalayisng your data. Garmin Connect is Garmin;s Achilles heel tbh.

Although it does largely depend on how much detail you require. I tend to port all my data over to Endomondo or Strava if I am training for something specific and am being really finicky about my data, but if I am just in general maintenance running mode and just want a record of my times, distances, splits, elevations, heart rate etc I just leave it in Garmin.

I also go through phases of being really sciencey about my data - not just running data, but weight workouts, bodyweight, body fat, breathing etc, how I felt, perceived effort etc and recording every day without fail and constantly feeding all this back into my training, and on the other hand, phases of just putting a tick against the day's target distance/reps and nothing more. In terms of the difference in my performance between the two extremes, I don't think there has been any. The only things that make any difference for me.are consistency in training and mental attitude on the day.


Thanks for the advice Rignold.

Reply is the place to go. It enables you to sync between different apps, including Runkeeper and Endomondo as well as Garmin Connect and even Dropbox.

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That's a really helpful website. Many thanks for sharing.


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