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Hi all, well I've just completed my first run (week1) and I'm finding it hard to think I will make it to week 4 never mind week 9! I do feel like I've accomplished something though! Please tell me this gets easier...

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You can do it! :-) I'm sure many people here will agree that getting started is one of the hardest parts. As you go through the programme you will be stretched but it WILL NOT be out of your reach :-) I didn't think I would get very far either, but you just do as laura says and she will get you through- this forum helps a lot too for motivation and any questions :-)

Good luck and happy running :-D xxx

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It does get a little easier, but as you also increase the distance and effort week by week, it's more a matter of you achieving more and more for the same amount of pain. You'll do fine, I'm sure. Enjoy it, and remember that we're all here to cheer you on.

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Hi POkermOn! Well done on your first run! I found it an emotional one, as I didn't want to be out 'trying' to run and physically too. It does get easier, you just need to take your time and follow the course but go slow and steady when you run. Obviously most of us were new to this running malarky and it does challenge you but its worth it! This forum is great for motivation or for tips. Good luck with it!! :)

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Well it doesn't actually get easier as such, but what happens is the training you do gets you fit enough to complete the next stage. Beleive me, everyone feels the same at the start. Just take it as slow as you like. Watch other runners when you are out and about. None of them are sprinting are they? You'll be fine.

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You got out of the door and completed your first run ! Great...that is the hardest part and a big mental hurdle. I Honestly thought I was going to die on that first run and the second one wasn't much better as I was still so stiff and painful from the first run but after that it did start to get easier, still hard work but definitely an improvement. Take each run as it comes and as long as you complete each one move on to the next, slow and steady....Good luck..

Hang in there pokermon. That first run is a bit of a shock to the system, but you will find pretty quickly that two things happen. Firstly, it may not get easy, but it will get better. Your body will adapt and you may be just as tired after each run, but you will have gone further or faster. I ran a 10k at the weekend and was absolutely cream crackered at the end, but, because of the second thing that happens it didn't actually matter. What is it? Well, believe it or not you will actually begin to enjoy this pretty quickly. In particular the euphoria (I'm not kidding) that comes with completing a run is quite addictive.

All of us with the "graduate" tag have been right where you are now. I'd never run a yard in my life until I started this programme and now I run three times a week and I do enjoy it. Keep it up, it will pay dividends, I promise you. Let us know how you're getting on and in return we'll be your biggest cheerleaders!

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Well done, pOkermOn! You got off the couch, and got started! That's the most difficult part. After that you just keep listening to Laura, who knows a thing or two about training you up through the challenges, and she'll get you there! Just don't try to rush it. And if it gets hard, tell us on here, and we can talk you through, just as others did for us!

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The others must be so bored of my story by now but just for you.... it took me six weeks and 12+ attempts to get those 3 completed Week 1 runs under my belt. And then I never needed to do a single 'extra' run all the way to the end of C25K.... for me, nothing was as hard as Week 1, so the fact that you've successfully completed your first run at the first attempt is just great.

It may help to remember that this is really about a running motion.... it may not be any faster than you can walk. In general, we all yell "Go slower" if someone is finding things really tough.


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Rob_and_his_westieGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

Personally, I never, ever get bored of your (or anyone else's) story. Great stuff.

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Thankyou for all your encouraging's roughly 3hrs later & I've now forgotten how exhausted I was & how hard it was! In fact I feel so good☺️X

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I will just say ditto what everyone else has said :D You have started and taht is the biggest step :D dont look to far forward with the program just do the week or run you are on :D really it will be fine , stick with laura and you will be amazed at what you can do :D

Hi, SNAP! i got myself out of bed at 6.30 this morning and completed my first run too, although i must admit i didn't manage to do all the runs (only 6/8) but i did carry on with the brisk walk. As the great philosopher D:REAM once said.....Things can only get better :)

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Rob_and_his_westieGraduate in reply to olliemin

If you got out of bed at 0630 to do this, you're capable of doing the whole thing, definitely. Come on Ollimin, post up something after your next run and tell us all about it!

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If it helps it took me several weeks even to complete week 1. I managed to complete the program though and did end up being able to run for an hour. I fell off the running wagon and am just about to start week 5 again, but it is easier this time around, maybe because I know it is possible. Don't look beyond your next run. You'll be fine!

As to does it get easier? Well, I found the more I could do, the more I pushed myself to do, so it does get easier, in that week 1 which was so difficult the first time round, I ran faster this time, but I am still huffing and puffing at the end of the run, but for more reward if you like. Now I huff and puff for a 5 minute run, but a 60second run is very doable.

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